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nujentMarch 31, 2013

hello every one, new to this forum. i'm redoing two baths, complete. i have ripped out every thing and am buying everything. got an estimate. WOW!! 5000 dollars for a 7X 5 bath. replace vanity, sink, toilet, tub. tile to ceiling around tub, about 88 sq. ft., and 4 ft hi every where else (not quite 97 sq.) is this guy crazy or am i?

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US average is around 14K for a bath remodel for labor and materials. 5K is a budget bath for labor. Especially if the contractor is licensed and insured---as he SHOULD be. Average labor is 7-9K.

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Not sure I've got the details.

5 x 7 bath
Ready to go
All fixtures already removed, floor intact - DIY
All fixtures, faucets, tile pre-purchased - DIY
Pre-existing plumbing being used
No issues pointed out by contractor

1. Install a vanity and counter (possibly attached)
2. Install a sink and faucet
3. Install a toilet
4. Install a tub and faucet/showerhead
5. Tile around the tub (88 SF)
----- any pattern or deco tiles?
----- what is the wall prep he has to do here? Backer board?
----- Is the wall prepped for tile already?

If that's it, waaaay too high. $1000 for each item? Ridiculous.

This is your plumber doing all of this? What is your location?

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That exactly what I paid for labor, though mine included demo (not to studs except for tub surround). I spent about $2.5k for materials including shower curtain and accessories. The labor cost included the basics such as drywall, grout for the floor, etc. I provided just about everything you can see, including paint and light switches. I have some pics on the "reveal" thread, or you can search for my post about a year ago.

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Snookums2, half my labor was the tub. Granted they had to remove the old tub and surround. But there was drywall work and install. Plus new plumbing rough in (same location) to put in new fixtures. And that was for a standard tub/surround, not tile.

I think it's probably reasonable. If you have the time, and you are simply replacing with no problems, you can likely do the vanity, faucet, painting, toilet, lights, and maybe even floor DIY. I thought about it, but decided for the extra $2500 (5k labor minus 2.5k for tub, would of course still need materials) I would rather pay to have it done quick since the crew would be here anyway vs the several months it would take me with my work schedule.

I was at least smart enough to know I should not DIY the tub, no matter how easy it looked on Ask This Old House :-)

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It blows my mind that anyone thinks this is a reasonable quote for installing some fixtures and doing a small amount of tile work around the tub. That's all it looks like from the opening post.

I was just quoted $300 to install a sink/faucet, toilet, and replace the valves on both fixtures in my powder room. I told him the vanity needed to be installed, too, but he didn't mention it. It just screws onto the wall.

Another $300 to install a 4 foot counter upstairs, the sink and faucet (seems expensive, maybe because of the top -- which will need to be fitted a bit).

$300 to install a cast iron kitchen sink, faucet, garbage disposal (expected this amount; it is a lot to install a sink though!).

I had an involved tile installation around my tub about six years ago. I think it was $2000. The bathroom was gutted and ready to go. I purchased the tile. Backer board was installed by them. It was on the diagonal, had multiple deco tiles and two rows of liner tiles, tiled to about a foot short of the ceiling. A large arched niche was built with fancy trim pieces and a deco. The floor was an additional $500 for a basic grid pattern with 12" tiles. My bathroom is small standard but bigger than 5x7.

I forget what was charged to have the cast iron tub installed and the other one removed and disposed of.

This is not an inexpensive area and I use licensed plumbers and professional tilers. I think plumbers make $200-$250 around here. One told me it is the most expensive trade. Some of them do tiling but that would be an expensive route to go, I think, unless they adjust their rate for that (which I doubt).

What is the labor rate for tiling? $5 SF? I'm not sure. Maybe $5-$7 today.

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I see I missed 100SF of wainscott tile.

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To me, it's not clear what the $5000 covers, even if it is just the labor for installing those items. The prep of your drywall could run s much or more than the tile installation itself. Is there new moisture resistant backer being installed behind the tile? How old is the plumbing system (older systems may require new shutoff valves or other things that are more than simply connecting the fixtures to the lines)? Is one person doing all the work? If so, my guess would be that one or both areas are not his specialty and if not, you may be paying a markup for a subcontractor.

I don't know what area you are in, but between things like Hurricane Sandy and a general housing boom, I've been hearing that there has been a shortage of construction workers and we may all see some impact of supply and demand pushing prices up after having been used to the market keeping things lower during a recession.

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We too are wondering about the quote we recieved today.
The bathroom is 120 x 66.5 inches. The work includes

1. Demo (not to stud, other than shower/tub area) and remove pocket door between vanity and shower/toilet area.
2. Change two sinks set up to one sink.
3. Replace cabinets, counter top, bathtub, faucet, toilet, exhausting fan, shower plumbing fixtures, towel bar..etc. We pay all of these new items.

4. Tile the entire shower area. Build a long niche in shower area.
5. Tile a small back splash. Contractor pays tiles. Tiles are average priced type.
6. Replace small bathroom window.Contractor pays window.
7. Rewire electrical.

The entire quote for this bathroom is $11000.00.

We just receive a separate quote for cabinets, it is 92 x 23 inches. Kitchen counter height in knot free Alder wood, drawers on both sides with doors in the center. The quote is $2000.00. The granite (use a regular grade remnant slab) counter top would be $1800.00.

Are these three quotes reasonable? Please share your opinions. Thank you.

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Get multiple quotes so you can compare. Was it broken down at all?

The details above are pretty vague. Who is "they"? What is a moderate priced tile? If you have a plumber doing a lot of the work (meaning things like tiling or demo, not plumbing! lol), they are a very expensive trade, running about $200 an hour or more around here. If you have a GC (not a bad idea at all), it's more expensive for them to oversee things. Just make sure he comes with lots of very good referrals! All are not created equal by any stretch, same with the trades. My plumber told me he will not work for a lot of contractors anymore because they do poor quality work.

How many SF of tile in the shower and around the vanity?

I have read trade discussions where they charge more to work in confined spaces.

The price can also go up when they see you buying expensive things like stone countertops or if you live in a well-to-do neighborhood, nicely furnished house etc. They notice these things. What the market will bear.

My bathroom was different but maybe someone else here will know if it's reasonable. Sounds like a lot to me for mostly labor. Did they say how many man hours it will take?

You have to get other quotes.

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I live in Northern Virginia and recently renovated two 5'x8' baths. I received estimates that ranged from $5,000-$10,000 per bath for labor only. Labor included demo of everything including tile floor, bathtub and bathtub tiled alcove. And install of tile floor, bathtub, tile to ceiling in bathtub alcove, toilet, vanity, fan, one vanity light and simple plumbing. this did not include any waterproofing.
I provided all the materials except cement board, thinset and other miscellaneous items.

I couldn't believe the range in estimates. you should get multiple estimates.

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Interesting thread. We scheduled to start remodels for both master and hall baths at the end of the month. Both are total renovations to the studs. The master is shower only and the hall has the typical tub/shower combo. The master will include adding a pocket door and adding 6 inches to the shower from the the adjoining closet. We were quoted 11k for the master and 8k for the hall bath, labor only. I have budgeted 20k for materials that I am buying on my own (higher end vanities, but avg tile and fixtures). Our quote is low compared to others we have received. One quote was 18k for the master labor alone. Another quote was for over 30k labor for both bathrooms. We live in a fairly expensive area. The contractor we are using was referred to us by 2 friends who had their bathrooms done 1-3 years ago without any issues so far. I also checked 2 other references. I feel that I have done my diligence, but am still worried about if a quality job will be done......need to tighten up the contract and work guarantee.

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Hi every one I'm back. Got a contractor. Really happy. I bought all the parts and supplies. Tub, vanities, sinks, fixtures, durarock, tile(tumbled stone) everything. This guy is doing all the demolition and installation for both baths for $6900.00. Man what a deal. I couldn't be more satisfied!!!!! They are clean quiet and so polite my wife insists on feeding them. lol. We saved so much money we went with high end vanities, sinks, and fixtures. The tub is just a regular 60X30 white porcelain over metal but every thing else is hi end. Heck the tile was 3.50 a sq. Really happy. And thanx for all the input!!!!!!!!!!

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