Valentine Vignettes

christmascandyFebruary 6, 2012

Okay, after seeing everyone elses pretty valentine decor, I got some more done. This is the tea cart in the corner of my dining room.

Close up. The heart box in the bottom right is a wooden box that has a lid that is on a peg and pivots to the side to get out of the way.

The little shelves next to the mirror in my dining room. I created the arrangement in the large shoe and the smaller shoes are actually Christmas ornaments.

The top of the small cabinet in the dining room. I used the Pottery Barn candleholders and other TS finds.

Thats all for now.



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I loved your teacart Val last year...and love it this year.
Then there's that PINK vignette, WOW. (Candy you weren't here when I was drug kicking and screaming into the world of Pink Lovers. LOL.) That is a seriously pretty vignette and I also think the wall shelves really sweet with the old shoes.

I'm going to be changing your name to EyeCandy. You have given me so much since I met you. LOL.
hugs, Karen

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Candy, the tea cart is just gorgeous. You have done a great job. Love love Love the boot. I have a couple and I just LOVE them!!When you get tired of the shoe, just send it my way. LOL Those little shoes are such a treasure, just precious..

Keep up the good Work!!


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Your Valentine decor is wonderful, Candy.
I love the Tea Cart. I have Tea Cart envy.
The little red tree and red butterflies are perfect in your vignette.
The boot and shoes are adorable. I have the perfect spot for them in my
The pink and red arrangement on the cabinet is stunning!


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Love that 'heart box' that pivots on your tea cart ... quite unique! Also you candlestick lamp w/red beaded heart.

And I love the old shoes on the wall shelves! Pink & red roses...shout Val-day! Makes me think about that big brass shoe I got in the Fall...maybe I can use it somehow, too!

Those Pottery Barn candleholders sure look good w/pink candles & that pretty lil' pink heart box to match! Now sit back & enjoy the holiday! TFS, candy! Jeanne S.

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Very pretty, Candy. What a cute idea to use the shoes for Valentines. Your arrangement looks really good. I can remember as a pre teenager when I just loved all the decorated heart shaped candy boxes and just couldn't wait until I'd be old enough for some neat guy to give me one!LOL It all looks great, my fav is your pretty candleholders. Luvs

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