Valentine Past...

slinkeyFebruary 9, 2013

Since my home is up on the market and I'm slowly
packing things away, I've been missing all the 'festivities' going on here.
So I hope you don't mind if I go back and post some
'Valentine Past'...

Remember my 'Valentine Anniversary Bears'?
(I think they're wondering why they're not celebrating
this year) !

Here's their Tablescape...

Here's another 'Valentine Cupid' table...

It wouldn't be Valentine's Day without one of my
favorite Cloches....

Thanks for allowing me to travel down my past - 'Valentine Lane'
I feel better now!! lol
Also, thanks for looking.

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Jane, thank you for the trip down 'Valentine Lane', both tables are wonderful. I could not choose a favorite.
The Anniversary Bear table is bright, cheerful and whimsical, it makes me smile!
Your Cherub table is so traditional and lovely. It says Happy Valentine's Day to me
The cloche is just perfect, I love it.
I'm glad you shared your pictures of Valentine Past with us.
I enjoyed seeing them again.
It is especially nice to have something pretty to look at today, since I am snowed in.


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Jane, yes, I REMEMBER!!! I loved both of
these ts. So glad your sharing them again
with us. I loved your heart plates so much
that I ownsome too now. I even have a
matching choc. heart candle.haha The bears
were adorable and should come out and play

On to your cherub ts. Absolutely fell for
this tc w/cherubs. Then you topped it off
with a cp w/cherubs and roses.WOW The dish
layering also made me want to step up my
layering Red stems, candle holders
and flatware made this the table to
'Fall in LOVE' with.

Oh and this cloche was so precious with
your DM's pearls displayed. The way I've
copied you in the past makes me wonder why
I don't own a CLOCHE!LOL You, Karen and
Jeanne have shared displays I adore and
it's taken me to another level in so many
ways. Thanks everyone.

Was so fun traveling down your
'Valentine Lane' this morning with my


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Oh this was a delight to find this morning! Jane ...great idea taking us to back to travel your 'Valentine Lane!' I had forgotten that gorgeous t'cloth for your 'Cupid' table...along with the the gorgeous place settings of SIX layers! I was so amazed when you shared this t'scape!! Love the cherbus, the red glassware & your napkin duo of R&W! & the bears...well, that are just so darn CUTE! Fun table!

I hope you're not being buried in snow from that storm ... or at the least that you keep your electricity. Thinking of so many out that way ... Jeanne S.

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Since I'm relatively new to this forum, all past is present for me. I enjoyed seeing your Valentine's themed tables. The cloche was nicely done, too. Lots of inspiration for me.

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Thanks everyone for all your kind comments on my
'Valentine Lane'!
For a few months now, I've been enjoying everything you ladies have been doing. I've been in a limbo here and feeling a little down not being able to join in. So it was fun for me to do a 'Re-Run' with those old posts!! lol

Punk... I remember when you got your heart plates and enjoy seeing you use them in many pretty settings.

Fun To Be Here...I don't think I ever welcomed you..So happy you've joined us.
I've also enoyed seeing the lovely ideas you've shared with us.

Jeanne...right now, our town was hit with 36.2 inches of
snow! We are literally buried in snow and haven't been
able to get anyone to dig us out. Many of the companies are booked and those who aren't haven't been able to finish jobs they started due to so much snow and no where to put it. We had an Open House scheduled for tomorrow...
but unfortunatly, that isn't going to happen. Even our
Realtor can't get out of her all we can do for the moment, is hope for a thaw!
Thanks again everyone.

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PS...Nana..thank you too!
Glad you enjoyed my post this morning after being
snowed in! If I'm not mistaken, I think you're in CT too
am I right?
I hope you're able to get out and about..
take care -

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Jane, I can't believe the snowstorm that has walloped you guys. (and many others on the East Coast. I'd be a bear and hibernate all winter if I lived there. LOL) I'm so sorry your open house got canceled, I just know someone will fall in love with your home pretty quick.

I'm so glad you showed this table again. I just LOVE it, and I love teddy bears. ;o) Happy little critters who make everyone feel good I think, no matter what age you are!
You can post all the "reruns" you want, they'll be NEW to me with my crummy memory. LOL.

Hope you are hanging in there, and feeling ok. I know you are frustrated not getting to decorate and dealing with packing stuff. But just wait till you get into a new place, we are ALL going to be celebrating what you do there.

hugs, Karen

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Karen...thank you sweetie!
I laughed over your comment > 'You can post all the "reruns" you want, they'll be NEW to me with my crummy memory. LOL.'... To tell you the truth, when I was looking
these up, I had forgotten these tables myself!! So I guess
I'm right along with you in the memory dept!
Thanks for the 'cheering on' with my home selling...I have
to keep positive...I have to keep positive...I have to keep
positive!! >> That's what DH keeps telling me. I guess he's about had it w/my whining every day!!
Glad you enjoyed the table 'reruns'..
BTW > you take care too!

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Jane, I live in North East PA.
We didn't get nearly as much snow as CT and other places did
but still had to be plowed out.
I'm glad spring will soon be here.

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Marlene Kindred

Wow! What lovely table settings! Love ALL of your dishes. So inviting and that a word? Beautiful, just beautiful!

Good luck with the sale of your house too!

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Nana...yes, now I remember you mentioning you were in PA..
Glad you were able to be plowed out! After
several calls to have us 'dug out'...we're still waiting!
Seems lots of these guys are having breakdowns with
their plow equipment. Never had to deal w/so much at one
time. Even our town hasn't cleared all the roads yet because of the same problem...I hear ya on Spring coming soon...can't come soon enough..! good to see you posting.
Whether it's a legitimate
word or not - 'Valentiny' for me!
Thanks for the compliments.

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I Loved seeing these tables again.
Definitely worth repeating.
I'm in serious So sorry you are experiencing such a huge storm but glad that you obviously have power, :)
We had a bit of snow, but most of it melted already.

TFS and good luck on the house sale,

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Hope that you get dug out soon! It's always great to see pics of your beautiful home and your holiday decs.

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Wow, Jane, your table settings are so beautiful, and I LOVE the pearls spilling out in your cloche!!!

We didn't get hit with that storm quite as bad as they had predicted, but my sister in Mass. got 3 feet too. I'm surprised that you didn't lose power!

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