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goldensmomSeptember 12, 2006

I'm not sure how to explain this but lately when I make a turn I've been feeling my driver side tire wheel turning underneath my foot. It does not make any noise. I had new struts, new brakes, new brake line, new cv joints done and now this is driving me crazy. It doesn't matter which way I turn. The car drives fine, no shaking or anything. If this makes sense to anyone do you know what it is? Thanks

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How old is your car? What make & model? Is there much rusting on the body?

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ericwi ... its a 92 Toyota Camry in great condition with no rust whatsoever anywhere. 79,000 miles and has always been garaged. It has always been serviced at a Toyota Dealer & other then mentioned above I've had maintenance such as new timing belt, water pump & oil changes kept up to date. (The previous post mentioned were repairs needed over time).

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Have the suspinsion parts checked.Things like Ball Joints.

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You say that you can feel the wheel turning, with your foot, & I am inclined to believe you. All I can think of that might cause this would be for the floor of the cabin to be flexing slightly under certain conditions. Some cars have significant body flex, including certain convertibles. But your car is not a convertible, and it is not weakened by rust and corrosion. If you can get the Toyota service manager to test drive the car, you can get a second opinion.

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Did you check torque on the wheel lugs?

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You didn't mention wheel bearings.

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