1975 Nova what's it worth? pls

virrasztoSeptember 2, 2010

Trying to help a relative determine the worth of a 1975 Nova

2 dr., 6 cylinder, 19k miles, all original, no rust, but...hasn't been driven since at least 1988.

Relative is elderly and would like to sell it eventually but has no idea of a ball park figure of it's worth. Someone told her she could get $5k for it, and I don't want her to get her hopes up because I don't think she'll get even half of that price.

Any ideas?

It's the only photo I have.

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As a standard used car for every day driving, it isn't worth much. It is too old to find stocked parts in case of repair. The seat pads and frabric are aged, weakened and will not withstand much use. The engine is questionable since it has not been run for a long period. Internal corrosion and seized parts may be a problem.

1975 was in a bad period when US autos were EPAized to death; Engines were down on power and carbureators barely functioned. 1970-1974 were the worst years. The Nova was not expensive, meant to be driven and used up in 5 years, and then junked. Corrosion trouble spots were the doors, trunk lid around the latch, trunk floor, rocker panels, and the rear fender immediately aft of the rear wheel. Also, check out the front seat mounts and floor pan. Both Ford and GM improved corrosion resistance in the 1980s. In my opinion, Ford was the most improved in this respect.

However, on the plus side, its probably a "cream puff" and may be highly desireable to a collector or restorer. If the original paint is in good shape and no dents, all the better. It appears it was stored inside a building and protected from sun and weather.

If you can get the engine running again, all the better. However, before attempting to restart, study procedures for starting an engine that has lain dormant for several years. The fuel system should be purged of old fuel and the carbureator flushed. If the process is too daunting for you, leave it as it is and market it as such.

I suggest that you market it to collectors and members of car clubs especially those who prepare cars for show. Find a few sales publications that feature collector and hobbyist cars to get an idea of price. These publications are found in gas stations, grocery stores, resturants, etc. It doesn't cost much to run an ad in these publication. Clean the car and take a few pictures. A good photo is needed to sell in publications. If you have the original bill of sale and/or service records, these are sometimes desired by collectors. Original ads featuring the car are also desireable.

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