91 Pont. Sunbird 2.0 Ltr. blows fuel pump fuse

ranthSeptember 9, 2005

My son's girlfriend's 91 Sunbird 2.0 Litre she just bought was hardly making it up hills, then a day later it blew the fuel pump fuse. On checking the fuse it had a 20 Amp. fuse when it should have been a 10 Amp. We figured the pump was pulling too many amps and not pumping enough that it ran rough on the hills. We replaced the fuel pump in the tank and put in a 10 amp fuse. It started fine and ran a couple miles before it blew the fuse again. So now I figure the problem must be in the wiring. Anyone have any ideas? What is the best way to start troubleshooting this problem. Since the only thing on this fuse is the fuel pump would it be easiest to run a new wire from the fuse to the relay and from the relay to the connector going into the tank? Any suggestions really appreciated. THANKS rd

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There is also a relay in the fuel pump circuit, if it,s points become pitted or the coil shorted the main fuel system fuse will blow. Try running a new wire, run wire on outside for test, if fuse still blows wire is not problem. Next bypass relay and run car awhile if fuse does not blow relay is bad, if it does fuel pump needs replacing. Be sure the test wire is heavy enough.

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Be sure to check the wiring behind the fuse block as well. My 91 Sunbird LE had this same problem, traced it right down to a totally messed up wire showing conductors that was right behind there, contacting a grounded bolt nearby. Replaced section of wire with a new run and an add-a-fuse plug to get it going again. No problems with this since.

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