plug wires

joe_mnSeptember 24, 2010

have cadillac with overhead cam setup so plug wires go into the top of valve cover. coil packs are on top of valve cover also so wires see no heat from hot exhaust. current wires are ac-delco. 6yrs old. engine has annoying occasional miss. new plugs, new intake gaskets. cleaned egr valve. i don't want to spend $125 for new delco wires. can get generic stuff online for $45 shipped. i put the delco wires on before to fix miss. miss came back after 5 months so i got a new set. fixed miss. i still am not sure why my car runs ok and than poorly. the miss is for sure erratic. very annoying.

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Are you sure you don't have a fuel problem rather than an ignition problem?

If not, you can try adding a bottle of Techron in the next couple of fill-ups to see what happens. That took care of intermittant mis-fires in a couple of my vehicles in the past. Now I just dump in a bottle a couple times a year for maintenance to help keep the fuel system cleaner.

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well you can tell from my post that i am cheap. i went to junkyard and found a caddy with aftermarket wires. at least this means they are not original. got set for $8. miss is now gone. only 2 cars had wires. one was delco but may have been original. 15+ yrs old.

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