Cracks on Tires???

judy_jaySeptember 6, 2007

I was told yesterday that the tires on my 2000 Honda have cracks on them from the weather, etc. & need to be replaced. The car only has 26,000 miles on it & the tread is still fine. Does this make sense or is it just a ploy to make money for Goodyear, the place that recommended they be replaced? Any info. would be appreciated since cars are not my strong suit.

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You have a low mileage vehicle for sure!

If these are original tires, they are 7 to 8 years old and may have heat-time aging effects especially if the sidewalls are exposed to sunlight for a singificant period of time. The seriousiness of the cracks is dependent on the size, depth, and location. Minor checking on the sidewalls can be expected at this age and may not be serious - it all depends.

If any cord has been exposed at the bottom of a crack, it is replacement time (and a crack that deep may be a 'cut' instead of a crack). Also, if the tires have been run an appreciable distance while under-inflated, the sidewalls may have weakened.

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Thanks, jemdandy, for the informative reply. You never know if the comments these places make are true or if they're just trying to make $300 on your car. I just thought for a car with low mileage, surely the tires must be in pretty good shape, certainly not ready for replacement. Hubby is very good about keeping them inflated at the right number so hopefully that's not a problem.

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The tires may be low-mileage and cared for properly, but that oxygen and pollutants will affect tire rubber anyway. In this case, the dealer is not handing you a line -- these tires should be replaced. It's a safety issue.

Frankly, for the mileage you put on this car, I'd go for the cheapest "rim protectors" the dealer sells (as long as they don't come from China). It's cheap insurance.

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Tires are about the cheapest thing you can buy for your car. Get you some. Heck get yourself a nice set of Michelin Hydro Edge tires I just put a set on my wifes Taurus grocery getter. The cost was about equal to ten tanks of fuel don't you know, and they will last 90k miles or so. Cheap as dirt is what I say. Heck if you check around the Firestone dealers are regulary advertising 4 tires for 99 bones if you don't mind a ugly tire on your ride. Man those hydro edges are prrrreeetttyy

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You can try a product such as B.F. Goodrich "AgeMaster", a protectant that aircraft owners use on wing deicing boots and tires.

Here is a link that might be useful: Age Master

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Thanks again to everyone. We are replacing the tires as soon as I get enough $. I never realized that the wear & tear on them comes from more sources than just driving. I appreciate your help.

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My parents had a spare tire which sat in the truck of their Cadillac for about 9 years. When they needed it they drove about 9 miles and the tire blew out even though it was ununsed. The problem was deteroration of the rubber. I understand that it shredded within a few miles at 55 mph on the highway.

I would suggest that you consider putting the tires in storage and coating them with a good ozone inhibitor. What does that mean? I'm not sure because I've not done the research. I'm a materials scientist and ozone is everywhere. However wrapping the tires in a plastic would probably help. And then doing research about how
to combat ozone in a sealed environment (the bag) would be where to start your search for the chemical or sealant that might help keep them stable where they're at now.

Then when you need a spare they'll be there for the short trip to the repair shop.

Just for curiousity sake. Do you live in a smoggy city like Houston or Los Angeles? Smog and ozone go hand in hand.

If you reply and I have time I'll try to do some research for you to at least keep the tires from degrading more.


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