coolant leak

brie901September 22, 2010

I have a 1999 Chevy Blazer with a coolant leak. It's steadily dripping from the bottom of my truck even with the engine off. Can anyone tell me what is leaking or how exactly I find the leak?

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While you are there, also examine the bottom side of the water pump housing. It has a weep hole. wWen the pump seal leaks, the fluid escapes out the weep hole.

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Sure, I have a Snap-on cooling system tester. Come on over and we'll find it.

Like jemdandy said, look.

Water pump, hoses and clamps, freeze plugs, radiator, thermostat housing, etc. If it drips just sitting there, you don't even need my tester. Look where it's dripping, and follow the trail up to it's point of origin. If it's dripping up front, the water pump is a good place to start as jemdandy suggested.

Good luck.

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Do they still sell that , I don't know what they call it, it is poured into the radiator, it has hidden particles in it that goes to the leak and stops it. They probably call it 'stop leak'. How about that.
Not to suggest a leak shouldn't be looked at...I too believe the water pump is the most logical place to start...but back when, radiators were always losing some coolant and the easiest way to stop it was with the know!

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It's called alumaseal and they still sell it. It works ok for very minor leaks through gaskets and seams. Doesn't have a chance of doing anything for a larger leak or one originating from the shaft or weep hole in the water pump.

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I bought some stuff called "Blue Devil". It seals every kind of leak where coolent is concerned. It is kind of expensive, but it does work. Just follow the directions to the tee. Remember also, to remove the thermostat, before you use this.
I used it on my 92 Chevy Lumina which has 245,000 on it, and it worked great.

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