The PERFECT lot....but may not get a permit!

lzerarcFebruary 8, 2012

Well I am used to dealing with code and inspectors often with my job, but did not think it would put a halt of my own home! We found the perfect lot at a perfect price. However it uses a "community" waste management system which currently has several violations pending against it with the DNR and the county. The lot is located away from the current homes, and I am pressing/proposing to the county to allow construction if I install a private septic system. They are very reluctant to allow this until issues are resolved.

Has anyone had a similar issue? If so, any tips on dealing with this?

I deal in commercial, so residential and septic is a near area for me.

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The only problem I can think of...they may allow you to install a septic system, but then when the 'other issues' are resolved...may demand you connect to the community sewer lines. This can be quite expensive. We have friends/family that are being transitioned from septic to sewer in a nearby town...and it's been a very expensive headache.

Hope you have better success...maybe the good price is reflecting these potential problems. It sounds like a great deal, if you can work out the other issues :)

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