how to clean porcelain drip pan spill over on gas range???

datura-07March 1, 2010

My son was cooking up his "beer" last night (Wolf 30 inch gas range) and it boiled over. He moved the pot to the other side and took everything apart and cleaned up when they cooled. BUT it all won't come off the porcelain drip pan (right under the burner).

Any suggestions?? thanks for any help.

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Forgot: I did get some of it off with baking soda (my new "best cleaner") but it is really hard work - I needed a break.

I did a search with no luck but I read on another post that there is a spray that will dissolve spills.

Anyone remember what it is?

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Try cold Easy Off on it.

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I'd try easy off, too. And tell your son to go buy a turkey fryer. The burner and stand operate off an LP tank and can be used outside. They work fine for typical 5 gallon batches of homebrew and if you get a boilover you can just hose off the mess. Plus, the big burners on turkey fryers will get the pot boiling faster than any stove.

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I haven't purchased oven cleaners for years - with the self clean ovens. I didn't kow there was a "cold Easy Off" I'll try it.

The turkey fryer is a great idea. thanks

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It's not Cold Easy Off, it's just plain Easy Off. What Weissman means is just spay it on cold and let it sit for awhile. It will loosen baked-on spills. Try not to breathe the fumes if you can, the stuff is just lye in an aerosol can.

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No, that's not what Weissman meant :-). They make a version of Easy Off - called Fume-Free Cold Oven Cleaner. I believe it's somewhat less toxic than regular Easy Off which can also be used cold, as mojavean said.

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Sorry, Weissman, and datura. My bad. I looked for "cold easy off" just to be sure that there was no such thing and there isn't. I saw that there was "fume free" but didn't know that that was "cold". Sorry for the confusion.

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I have the Viking which is porcelain top and have been unable to also clean well. It is baked on. Mine is from frying chicken and the grease splatter. I will try the easy off. You are sure this will not hurt the porcelain finish?
A lot of the new stoves have the porcelain finish but is not as easy as I thought it would be to clean. When I called Viking they said use the BLUE scotchbrite. I have to go down and buy one. I will also get the cold easy off.

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No problem, I'm just very happy that you replied to my post. I learn something new here almost everyday. You did put a smile on my face. I loved the "what Weissman means is ---" and "no, that's not what Weissman meant ----"

I had some easy off downstairs and IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!

I sprayed it outside and put plastic wrap over it.

The stove looks great again. Thanks for the help!!!!!

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You can also try Dawn Power Dissolver (a spray on gel). Let it sit for ~ 15 min and then scrub/wipe w/ blue scrub sponge. FYI, don't get it or the Easy-Off on HW floors--they eat through the poly.

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Dawn Power Dissolver - that's the one I couldn't remember. thanks cat mom.

faith, you'll have to let us know how your stove comes out

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I could not find the Dawn Power Dissolver at the grocery store. Not sure where you would get it. I tried the Easy off and it worked. Unfortunatly it looks like the splatter onto my cooktop pitted it. I am not sure if Viking has a poor porcelain finish or all porcelain is that non durable. It seems odd that they would put on a cook top if it cannot take splattered oil. Did you notice any spots on your wolf porcelain finish? Mine also scratchs easy. I spoke with Pacific Sales and she said all rangetops will look like that if you cook on it. I just thought I could keep it new looking for longetr then 3 weeks. I can't imagine what it will look like in 3 months. I would be curious to how the finish on your wolf is holding up. If I knew how I would post the pictures.

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I'm going in tomorrow to look for it, faith. I'm sorry to hear about your finish. That's frustrating. No pitting on ours. It's my son's apartment off the house so he's the only one using it. But there are some scratches. Those grates are so heavy, that it is hard to position them over the holes. That's what the scratches are from.

If I were you, I'd go above Pacific Sales and give Viking a call. That really shouldn't happen in three months. I know Wolf is really good in their customer service department. I know someone that works there and he says that if the customer is nice and not demanding, they will do whatever they can to help.

Why don't you do a post about the pitting on Vikings and maybe you can get info from other Viking owners.

I just redid my island. I put in Wolf's 15 inch modules, one induction, a steamer and a multipurpose gas. I like my gas much more than my son's because it is a closed unit. It's stainless and so easy to clean.

Don't put it off, call asap. and keep me posted.
Good luck.

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I am interested in your wolf 15 inch module. I would love to have a gas and induction. is it all one unit?

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