Faux fireplaces vs. real

bmh4796February 21, 2013

We currently have a gas, fake logs fireplace. I don't know the proper term for them. I prefer the look of a real fireplace.

Is there a big cost difference between these "faux" fireplaces and real fireplaces when building? I imagine a real one is much more due to the chimney.

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Oh yes. BIG cost difference. BIG. You can either have wood flooring or burn it in a chimney. Even then, you might not make up the price difference.

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A masonry FP and chimney can set you back big money - as in 5 figures and up. These days though, there are several manufacturers of prebuilt FPs and they are really nice products. Once installed you'll not be able to tell the difference.

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Annie Deighnaugh

$ isn't the only difference. There's a lot more work to a real wood fire and a lot more mess. Plus a lot less energy efficiency.

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A wood-buring fireplace can be all masonry or it can be a factory built metal one; both are "real"fireplaces but made of different materials. If you put the factory built one on an interior wall it is difficult to distinguish from a masonry fireplace assuming the designer knows how to design the hearth.

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