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jcalisiFebruary 3, 2012

Trying to get a conservative estimate on what is normal to get utilities to the building site. The property is d shaped and from the road to the house is about 1500'. What is the normal cost of getting water, electricity, and gas to the building site? I know the answer is depends but are we looking at $2000, $5000, etc. there is rock but not sure of how much.

Just trying to ball park my costs. I've found its the little things that nips away at your budget...

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Probably really depends on your location, city, county etc. We live in Alabama, 300' off a paved county rd, our personal prices were Electricity: Free, our power company installed the power pole and lines, no charge. They did require 15' of rightaways on either side (this required us to get our neighbors permission since it was being installed inbetween both our lands, one neighbor refused, the other way gracious enough to allow it). Water: They installed the hookup at the street for free, but we had to run the main pipe to the house $300. We don't have gas but to install a propane tank is usually free from our local companies, in the city there are natural gas lines and hookup is usually $150 plus cost of the pipe. The major cost for us was in our area a septic tank is required that was $3,000.

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Here are my costs, im in MD. My house is 1300 feet back from the road, we did hit rock in several locations

Power company - $3800 include the junction boxes, meter, cable for the entire run.

Excavator - $7000 included trenching the 1300 feet, laying conduit the entire run for power, laying conduit for extra future cables, laying conduit for telephone and cable. All the stone for covering the conduit, and all backfilling. Also had to trench under the driveway.

We use a well for water and no gas so we had no costs there.

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It depends on your area. We had $6000 in our budget for electric, gas and water. We ended up spending about $12000 (and that was after talking the utility down from about $18000). Oops! We are about 300' of the road. Our contractor is used to working one county over where costs are MUCH cheaper. Also, we put our order in for work in October, and we are still waiting for electricity in February. Much luck to you!

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thanks for the responses.
loucie - thats a fairly large gap and amount but then again i guess location is a hugh variable

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Yea, I'm not tellig my husband the responses of other people. His head might explode. I think working with the utility company has aged him 10 years in the past 4 months. Mine was a turn-key price.

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It's interesting to see the variations in cost.

But the way to get an estimate is simple: call the utility providers in your area.

For a recent home I built, the municipality charged more than $10,000 to connect to city water and sewer all of about 20 feet to the drainage and plumbing lines I ran to the property boundary.

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My runs were all 500 foot. Gas line was $50 per linear foot so I did geothermal. Electric was $20/ft underground. Water was $10/ft. Sewer averaged $20/ft. Sewer hookup fee was $5000.

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Zero in a suburban development (30 ft). In a rural area but congested, it was zero but a $4000 impact fee for the water (20 ft). In a rural mountain area, electric was $10k underground or free overhead (roughly 500 ft).

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