Hard Shifting When Engine Cold

skagit_goat_man_September 26, 2007

I have a '94 Ford Ranger PU with a 4cy engine, manual transmission and hydraulic clutch. It has around 170,000 miles. When we start the engine in the morning it is very hard (or impossible) to get into 1st, or 2nd, gear. If I go into reverse and start backing up and then go to 1st while the truck is moving in reverse it goes in. Then I can stop and go forward. But driving during the day all this really isn't a problem. Any thoughts on likely causes- transmission, clutch?? Tom

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I used to put 90 weight oil in a transmissions originally designed for 30 weight. Long story... but anyhow I'm in florida and when the temp would drop say to 40's ... man it was very hard to get into or out of gear for about that first half a mile during very cold mornings.

170 thousand miles,,, when was the last time you changed the gear oil ?

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Can you put it in 1st gear, then start the engine? Does the clutch free travel feel normal to you?

Assuming transmissions are pretty much the same as they were 30 years ago, and the clutch is ok, the usual problem is worn brass blocking rings. They are threaded and fit over a kind of cone shaped area at the edge of the gears. Their purpose is to stop that gear so you can shift. My two bit guess is those threads are pretty worn and no longer work very well. People often refer to these as synhcro's, short for synchronizers. Not really an accurate term because they are only one small part of that assembly. If that's all it is, parts are cheep. Still have to yard out the transmission and take it all apart. jmo

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Sometimes I can get it into first before starting, sometimes not. The clutch free travel and resistance feel normal. I change the trans oil per mfg specs and check it every oil change, 3000 miles. Tom

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