Clutch is acting strange

dedtiredSeptember 19, 2008

I have a 1996 Honda Accord 5-speed. In the last few days I notice that the clutch is acting strange. When I start the car in the morning and step on the clutch, I don't get any resistance until my foot reaches the last few inches of pedal movement.

Once I have driven five or six miles, the clutch tightens up again and feels like it normally does. What's going on and should I take it in for service?


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First thought is that you are losing the clutch master cylinder. It just happens to start working better after a few applications. Try flushing the fluid for the clutch master and slave cylinders. If it is a little dirt, you might be able to flush it out. Otherwise, you will want all fresh fluid in the system anyway when it is repaired.

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