What's the best car battery charger?

catherinetSeptember 19, 2011

We live out in the country and have had dead car batteries a couple times. We have an old charger, but it really is worthless........takes hours and hours to charge.

The last time AAA was here, their charger started the car right up, just like jumping from another car.

I want to get one of those. Any idea which one I would get?

Do they take any maintenance?


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You might consider getting new batteries. The AAA truck
( charger ) is not a charger. It's a booster pack. Can put out
as much as 36 - 48 volts. Flashes the battery with a surface
charge only. Does not charge it. A proper charge is between
6-12 amps over night. You can get a fast charger with engine start that can put out about 80 amps. Some time they come on sale for under $200.00.

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Thanks kalining,
My car battery is good, but one bad thing about my Honda Odyssey is that if you accidentally leave on the dome light switch, its dead in the morning. We try to always leave the switch in the off position, but **** happens. haha
One time I dusted off the dash area, and forgot to check on that switch and ended up with a dead battery in the morning. Bummer.
My van is 11 years old, so hopefully the newer ones have an auto shut off for that dome light.

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they don't

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Sounds like you might have two problems. Finding a new battery and getting the right battery charger. There are a number of good battery chargers in the market but the best in may opinion are the automatic battery chargers. The automatic battery chargers will charge your battery and keep it charged between uses. Get one that will charge a 12 volt battery.

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