I Was Wrong

pawprint1September 2, 2005

I'm sorry, it's CVTC.

What does that mean?



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According to the on-line Nissan Performance Magazine:

CVTC improves overall engine performance by supplying Constant Valve Timing Control through all operating conditions [...] By adjusting and directing the amount of oil pumped into the CVTC's chambers and allowed to drain back into the engine, the ECU [Electronic Control Unit] controls the retard or advance of the cam [...] The cam is retarded at idle to create a smoother idle and decrease emissions, advanced in the mid range to increase breathing, and retarded at high rpm to increase peak horsepower and fuel efficiency.

Here is a link that might be useful: Nissan Performance Magazine on CVTC

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Posted by pawprint1 (My Page) on Fri, Sep 2, 05 at 9:30

What does that mean?


I think it means that Nissan built it ? Just a guess.

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The article goes into much more technical detail; I tried to skim the details. By varying the valve timing, the car feels smoother and emits less pollution at idle, and has more "go" and better fuel mileage on the highway.

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Its Japanese?

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