Jacuzzi soaking tub: yea or nay?

naturalmomMarch 7, 2013

Hi -- I need to get a good quality soaking tub for under $400, but I want a deep one. I have the usual 60 X 30-32 space. If I had my 'druthers, I'd get an American Standard Cambridge, but I've never seen them for less than around $600. Second choice would be the Kohler Archer, also too much money. I'm between the Sterling Ensemble, which isn't very shiny, and has iffy reviews, and the Jacuzzi Primo, which is shiny, but I can't find enough reviews to help me make a decision. Anyone have any thoughts/experience with the Jacuzzi?

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Bumping up because I am in the same boat now.
We are looking at a 42X 72 Jacuzzi Primo.

curious what you ended up buying after all.


Here is a link that might be useful: bathtub

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Bumping this again!

I'm in the same boat. Love Kohler's Archer tub, love the price of Jacuzzi's Primo tub. After reviewing the basic information for each, all I can find is that with the Archer, you may get 1 additional inch of suds. Is there anything I'm missing? Does an inch really justify the $300 difference?

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