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dcolonelSeptember 2, 2005

I am getting to buy a new set of tires for my 94 Cadillac Fleetwood Broughm (rear wheel drive).

The vehicle had 6.35x70R15 tires when new and the previous owner replaced them with 6.35x75R15.

The vehicle rides drives and performs well with the taller tire but I have always followed factory specs.

What difference will i notice in replacing with the smaller tire, if any?

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Check your manual or the car's stickers for the correct size as the first figure "6.35" seems to be out of place.
Then the Tire Rack.com has some good info.

The "70" is the aspect ratio; this number is becoming lower and lower in the interest of handling and "perceived style".

Probably the car is better off with the "75" - favoring ride qualities over handling(steering response).

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FWIW: changing the tire height from stock (and all other factors being equal) will affect your speedometer calibration.

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That definitely should be true about the speedometer/odometer calibration, but I did that on my Blazer (went from 70 to 75 series tires) and if it threw anything off, it's by a very small amount. I used the mile markers on the Interstate to check it and whatever error there is, is too small to detect by that method. The difference between the 70s and the 75s as far as circumference of the tire is probably just not enough to make any difference that matters. Obviously if you went to 10.5 x 31s or something, that'd make a difference.

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