Cleaning appliance grates

dr.lizMarch 31, 2013

Sorry for opening a subject that has been dealt with before, but...

I am embarking on a kitchen remodel and compulsively researching everything. I'm onto appliances and thinking about alternative brands and finishes. I'm concerned about the cleaning issue. I currently have a bisque range (9 years old) with taupe grates. It's very pretty, but boy, those grates are impossible to keep looking good. The inevitable grease spatters get brown and baked on just in the time it takes to cook the meal. If I start with them clean, and then clean up right after dinner, It's a half-hour with Bon Ami and a blue scrubbie and there still will be resistant spots. Even hours of Easy Off in a plastic bag will not necessarily remove them all. I just replaced the grates because the old ones chipped, and the new ones already have indelible spots. Pardon the rant, but this is very frustrating!

I think the basic problem is, with taupe enamel, the spots SHOW. Maybe with the new black cast iron they will be less obtrusive? I gather that the cast iron on new ranges is still porcelain coated, just like mine.

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I have a bluestar range with six burners with the cast iron grates. I don't think they're enameled or anything. That being said, it's VERY easy to keep the range looking clean. All I do is let any food particles fall through the open burner grates and then, if I feel like being particularly fastidious, I'll wipe around the cast iron grates. Now, keep in mind that the grates are not and probably never will be 100% brand-spanning new. But the range still looks great.

I always put it like this. If you're the type of person who scrubs the grates of your outdoor grill clean with sponge, soap etc before you cook, then you probably won't be happy with the bluestar. If, like me however, you just preheat the grill and then scrub the grates with a grill brush before cooking, then the bluestar is for you.

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I'm definitely in the latter category! I've NEVER scrubbed my outside grill with soap! I'm definitely more fastidious in the kitchen, though--I want it to look nice. But do the lower price bracket stoves have the same type of grill? I'll probably be going for a GE Profile or similar range.

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Not sure about the GE profile range. I went high end on all appliances and went low-end on the cabinetry (ikea), but surprisingly people are more impressed with the cabinets than the appliances. I can send you a list of the appliances along with my thoughts on each one if you'd like.

If you like to cook and if this is gonna be the kitchen you stay at for a long time, I say splurge on a professional style range. At the very least, go for a 36" range as opposed to the standard 30". It's only a six inch difference, but it allows you to have 2 additional burners. For big meals and holidays, it's invaluable (especially the huge oven you get with a 36" range that you could do two turkeys in simultaneously).

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GE uses matte black porcelain on cast metal for their grates. I'm not sure all of their burner grates are cast iron.

Over time, the coating will crack or chip. If you don't do the cleaning routine and let them season a little, they actually look better than if you try to keep them pristine. That's because pristine ones can develop rust in the cracks and chips while seasoned ones just look black.

In either case - they aren't as sucky as taupe (I had light gray once and completely understand).

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