98 Honda Accord AC

iggieSeptember 13, 2011

One of the gang here purchased a 98 Honda Accord in fine condition except the ac does not work. He purchased car at an auction so we cannot talk to former owner. It appears a new compressor has been installed when gauges are hooked up nothing happens although unit can be heard engaging, it has referigerant in it R134 A. Apparantly compressor is kicking in but not pumping. Would appreciate any suggestions as to how we should proceed. Several of us have some experience with American car Ac units, but no one knows anything about Honda units. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Iggie

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What does gauges read for H/L side pressures? Are they equal? How long does a/c clutch stay engaged? Clutch engages but pressure does not change? Recover freon and vac/recharge.

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