grama2September 20, 2006

I just bought a used 2002 Bonneville for which I traded in my old 1996 Bonneville. As you can probably guess, I love Bonnevilles! I would have kept my old Bonneville but it needed approximately $1000 worth of work . It had a hole above the rear passenger tire that was causing water to drip down and soak into the floors on the right side. It also needed intake manifold gaskets. With 140,000 miles and its age I decided to trade it in. Well, I did not have power seats with my old car but do with this one and I noticed after I bought it that there is some rust on the bars that the seats moves across. There is also rust on the carpets near the bars. Also where you put the nozzle in to pump gas that is also all rusted. But only the direct part where you put in the nozzle not the area surrounding it. How would that and the power seat bars get rusted? There is a sun roof, could it have been possible that it was left open a lot and rain came in? As far as the gas thing goes I can't figure it out. I did a car fax and it came back fine. Just wondering if anyone else had these problems. Does anyone know how to get rid of the rust on carpets and if I should be concerned that the rust will spread to the inner part of the gas fill area? Thanks!

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Do you know where this car came from? Do you know its history? I hope you didn't get a Katrina hurricane car that was flooded and dried out. I imagine there's tons of them out there.

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Yep it's the sunroof.

If you put salt (or sugar, or something) in the tank that will rust up the feed tube to it (someone who didn't like me did that once).
Also dodgy fuel does that too (like the stuff dragged up from the bottom of the service station tank).

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