Do I have to have a backsplash?

telly1010March 2, 2013

Hi redoing my master bath, pretty contemporary design. I'd love not to have to use a backsplash behind the vanity countertops. My vanity has two sinks, and slightly taller units at either end. Am using two large mirrors over each sink, and think the backsplash (dark quartz) will spoil the look.

Can I get away with no backsplash? If so, how do I insure no leakage between vanity and wall?

Thanks much, Telly

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yes, no backsplash is needed. the counter will need to be scribed to the wall to ensure a tight fit, and then caulked.

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We tiled the walls over our vanities in our bathrooms, but did not tile the side walls. The painted walls still look as good as they did when the bathrooms were first completed.

The key is to use very good quality paint, and let it cure before letting it get wet (or steamy). We used BM Aura paint in the matte finish. We used Aura Bath and Spa in two of the bathrooms, and regular Aura in the other (Bath and Spa hadn't come out yet).

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I also opted out of a backsplash with my granite countertops. Benjamin Moore told me to double-prime the new sheetrock to improve water resistance. We painted with AURA Bath & Spa in matte as well. We're not up and running yet, but I'll report back on how it goes.

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Great news...I'll be sure and take all your advice....thanks so much. I knew I could count on this forum!

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I think that anyone that depends on primer and paint for waterproofing hasn't experienced expansion and contraction of different materials in juxtaposition with one another. Heat, cold and moisture affect every material differently.

If you don't want a backsplash that's fine. But they do have a historical purpose, which shouldn't be ignored.

Good luck with your project.

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Hi Virgilcarter....I think I understand what you're saying, but what is the historical purpose? Is it to prevent water from leaking down the back, or to keep the wall clean? I'm really trying to cover all the angles, so am interested in your experience.
Thanks much, Telly

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