Inexpensive cabinet for rangetop and wall ovens

dmoczulskiMarch 12, 2012

Hi everyone. Been lurking for a long time and love the input and opinions you all provide. Now it's time for my first question.

We're buying a new house and closing on it next week. We don't have the funds for a full kitchen remodel yet, but we plan on doing it in a year or so. However, in researching what the wife wants, we came across a deal too good to pass up. Our local Wolf distributor has display models of the wall ovens and 48" rangetop my wife wants that were pulled during a showroom remodel. We can buy these items at about 50% off what they cost new at the local dealers. So we couldn't pass it up! We're going to try to retrofit them in the current kitchen for the time being.

So we don't want to spend ridiculous money on cabinets to put them in/on and just end up throwing those cabinets away in a year or so. So what's our cheapest option for cabinets for a 48" Wolf rangetop and double wall ovens? The distributor suggested Ikea. Is a good option for the rangetop getting 2 24" cabinets and just trimming them to fit the top? Any other suggestions on cheap cabinets we could use for the time being?


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Fori is not pleased

I don't suppose you could also nab the cabinets coming out of the showroom remodel? can probably help you out with the Ikea question, though. (Also the kitchens forum here on GW if you haven't tried there.)

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Unfortunately, no. I asked about that. The way it's setup, it's all or nothing with the cabinets. At this time, I don't need all those cabinets :)

I'll take a look at the kitchen forum (haven't browsed any other than appliances) and Ikeafans, thanks for the suggestions.

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What's in the kitchen now? Presumably there are some cooking appliances there now that you'll have to remove. Any way to modify the existing cabinets?

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