digital climate control

joe_mnSeptember 12, 2011

99 intrigue. the car has dual digital climate control. the onscreen outside temp is off about 30 degF from actual. could it be the external temp sensor? anyone know where that is? the function led lights are not working also for dash/vent/floor. maybe i should just scrounge up a junkyard dash module. any ideas? the a/c works fine, temps feel good.

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Joe, if it is like the Grand Prix it is next to the right hand head light on the radiator support. Loosen and lift the right side of the black plastic cover between the grill and radiato support. This is what it looks like (hope the link works) I just replaced one on my sons 99 Grand Prix. Cost around $13.

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Joe, A couple of follow up thoughts. When you change the sensor it might not change the temp display right away. The way the system is designed is you have to drive the car for 1 1/2 minutes at 25 mph before it changes the temp display. Or 1 minute a 45 mph (sensor needs to get into clean air). After sensor is changed. I found that out the hard way. While trouble shooting the Grand Prix I switched the one out of my wife's van (same part #) and the temp display didn't change (didn't drive it just switched sensors). So I concluded that the sensor wasn't the problem. Then I found out about the speed and time factor. So went and purchased sensor and it work fine. This started when the AC would not work. Had the system evac. and re-charged and still didn't work. Then realized the outside temp was reading 34 degrees. AC won't work if outside temp is reading below 38 degrees.


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