Need less fan than fantech?

still_lynnskiMarch 20, 2012

We have a pretty standard-sized bathroom (~5x9 including tub/shower alcove), and I'm not persuaded that we need a fan as powerful or expensive as the much-vaunted fantech. The bathroom ceiling where the exhaust fan would mount is directly below the very shallow attic eaves, so the motor in the attic cannot be any real distance from the bathroom. Given that, would we be missing out on the major benefit of the fantech?

We have no fan in the bathroom now, and the walls rain every time we shower. So we know we need a good exhaust fan! I'm prepared to be talked into or out of a fantech, but I don't want to be spending extra money on benefits (like super-quiet) that we wouldn't get no matter what.

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you can look at the panasonic whisper series also. i found they are pretty reasonably priced. i like that they come in a lot of different configurations like there is one with a built-in timer, one with light, one with heater, and some with combinations of these, etc. a lot of people are happy with these as well. any of them will have high powered fans versus lower power ones. you just need to find the right fan cfms to suit your bath size.

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We have a similar sized bathroom (5x7) and we have chosen the Panasonic Whisper Lite. I found it on Amazon for around $170 or so, I think. It won't be installed until May, so I cannot comment on it's effectiveness, but we are also like you in that we have no fan now and the fan will vent directly through the roof with a very short duct run.

I also researched the Delta Breez models, but could not find as many reviews on them as the Panasonic Whisper series.

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I have had a Panasonic in our guest bath for around 5 years and it's great, just as quiet and efficient as the day it was installed. We just put a Panasonic fan with light and heater in our master bath and I love the heater, it really heats up the bathroom quickly.

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I also chose a Panasonic Whisper Lite for our 10x10 bathroom. Also haven't run it yet, but it seemed to be a good choice for a small bathroom.

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love the nutone-braun fan that looks like a recessed light... very effective and quiet and affordable.

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