New Silverado.......first oil change?

robarSeptember 19, 2013

I have a 2013 Chevrolet Silverado and wanted to know at what mileage I should have the oil changed for the first time.
Since it will be the first oil change....should it be done sooner then normal? I was thinking at around 1000 miles. Can I just drain the oil and refill......and use the same oil filter? Any tips will be appreciated.

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What does the owner's manual suggest for scheduled maintenance?

At 1000 miles, you're just wasting money.

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I always thought that on a brand new vehicle.....a first oil change was needed sooner then normal? To get any debris
removed from the oil.

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Oil change myths. See #5.

Here is a link that might be useful: Oil chnge myths

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It was my information that the first oil change came early because it was more likely to contain stuff that escaped cleaning during assembly, notably casting sand and chips. Also, break-in wear particles will be present. After break-in, wear reduces. The filter should be changed as well.

This was the thinking of 30 years ago. Improved manufacture or further testing may have vhanged the picture. Your best gukde is your owner's manual.

An early first oil and filter change won't harm. However, the manufacturer may have filled the new engine with "break-in" oil that is different than regular oil and that oil should be left in the engine for the break-in period. The owner's manual is your best guide for making the first oil change.

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