Valentine Table

phonegirlJanuary 29, 2012

Finished my Valentine decor today. Doesn't seem like much but it took me forever to finish. Once again a nice change from the snowies.

All the dishes were Christmas gifts from family last year. They are red but not hearts like the year before. Still wanted something different than the past so used them. The salad plates (222 Fifth) will show up on another table this spring so won't show them on this post.

I think I told all of you that I had bought the dessert pedestals w/domes at Ross. Placed cup cake ornament from Shopko (90% off) and hugs and kisses around them. Also added a heart to cover the hanger. Love after Christmas sales. Do you remember my sundae cups from last year? Didn't even bring them out this year.Sigh

Love the new crystal candle holders I found at GW. I'm sure they were from a wedding. They were $10 each but were half off. Had picked up the red Martha Stewart candle holders at a ys .25 ea this past summer and packed them with my Valentine decor. Put them together to help carry the red color.

Two little ones took center stage on my table this year with a heart votive.

Here's to you all of my Holidayers!

Love is in the air! Feels good to know I'm done decorating for awhile. I will share others photos this coming week. Thanks for looking.


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Oh, I LOVE the dessert domes ...I don't remember hearing about those! They look great w/the cupcake ornies & candy kisses! Your placesettings look so pretty w/all the layering & the red esp! Love how you scattered those little 'hearts' around various places in your t'scape!

Your various crystal candleholders along w/the stemware look quite elegant & romantic! All that candlelight! Speaks of LOVE!

The red centerpc vase w/roses is very pretty, too but what steals my heart is the two little 'ones' cute holding their valentine hearts! TFS, punk...Jeanne S.

(& that big broken heart on the chairs!! What is that? Something from DGD? Pillows? Quite unusual!

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Absolutely stunning. I can see that you spent a lot of time, effort, and thought on this table!!

Ditto to what Jeanne said!
I love the layering and the red plates/bowls, but the little domes are just the cutest.


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Jeanne, maybe I didn't tell you that I bought 4 of those domes but I did while shopping one day. I set them out with some of my little snowies but guess I didn't share pics.

I have some of the larger ones and seem to keep them in the top of the closet instead of using them. I'd love some of the fancier ones but they are so spendy. I'd probably keep them in the top of the closet too.LOL

I have several of the little heart candle holders and you've made me LOVE candle light! I didn't light my tall red ones because I only have 2 and like using them on different ts. Tea lights are such a cheap way to light up a ts. Thanks for your encouragement to light up my tables.

The two little ones are plastic but kinda cute.

So I didn't do well on the Best Friends! DGD brought me 2 of these big pink hearts that come apart. They came on a hanger from Old Navy and were $22.50 on sale for .97. I'm thinking they might of been from Halloween clearance. As you can see I didn't know what to do with them. I'll take them off and ???.LOL

As always, Thanks for the comments.


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Thanks for sharing this table, Punk. I love the red vase and the crystal candle holders are perfect. What a find!
The little figurines are so cute.
No, no, no, Don't take the hearts off the back of the chairs!
They are great!
I'm sure I forgot to mention some things,but I love it all.

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Like nana said, 'no, no, no, don't take the hearts off the back of the chairs!'...

They made me smile & think of your DGD right away! I thought she probably had a 'hand' in that decor! Cute! & I think they need to be in the vicinity of TJ! LOL! (so she can enjoy, too!) ~~~~LOL! Jeanne S.

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I love this. Can I copy???
I'd forgotten all about my dome thingies. I'm going to use them on my Valentine table too.
And I love the idea of putting something on the back of chairs. Your BF hearts are great. KEEP THEM.

OK. I'm off to see what else I have to "recreate" your table.
Thanks for all the ideas.

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DITTO! DITTO! DITTO! Wow, what a PRETTY table. You absolutely went all out doing it up right for a fancy Valentine dinner! Love it all, but most especially those little dessert domes. Mini Cloches! LOL. Be still my heart.
But I am nuts about that kind of stuff.
(I had found some 2 yrs ago but on mine the base was red metal, so am limited using them and they are not "pretty" like yours).

This is quite the tablesetting! Too bad you don't post on that Thursday tablescape party the one blogger hosts, yours is definitely one that needs to be seen!

hugs, Karen

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Candy, I just got lucky on setting this table. Some of them look better than others.LOL

Nana, ok, I'll leave the hearts on. I might take the other set to the office for fun. Did you notice I added white tissue paper to the inside of the vase to make the hearts stand out?

Jeanne, TJ is close by. I'll take a picture so you can see where she's sitting.LOL

OA, I remember a winter table of yours that was awesome that you used yours on. I want you to do whatever you'd like and don't think twice.LOL I've learned so much from all of you here and I'm so thankful. Your table will blow mine away but please "recreate". I can handle it and would love to see it!!!

Wouldn't it be fun to have all of us come up with certain things we need to create a vignette when it's slow on here? This way Karen will join us. Each of us would name one thing it would have to have like a book, lamp, vase you get the idea. OK, it was a loooong Mondayyyy at work.

Karen, I would love to have some red metal ones. Hope you use them for VDay. What Thursday tablescape party are you talking about? Is it one that you can post a link for us to see? That would be fun.

Thanks so much everyone for all your sweet comments. It keeps me playing and posting.haha


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Punk...what a Super Pretty Valentine Table!
Love the hearts on the chairs too...
Those red dishes from your family are lovely. They certainly know how to shop for the right presents.
I don't remember those dessert pedestals w/domes either.
I love how you added the cupcakes inside.
I agree that those crystal candleholders were a great buy and I like the look you created with the red MS's to them.
Cute little V-couple and your CP with that V-Vase is just lovely.
I think this table has inspired many of us here with your ideas and lovely things. I love what you did.
Now I have to get to it!!

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What a beautiful job. Punk, do me a F A V O R and just send me those two Crystal candle holder sets. LOL

You did a beautiful job, as always..


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Jane, I so hope your right and others will share their Valentine decor with us here. How's yours coming??? I thought of your sweet cherub tc you used last year as I was setting mine.

DD just bought me another set of salad plates last weekend that are so pretty. Good thing I have that shed!

I think I will be sharing the dessert pedestals w/domes again for St Paddy's Day and Memorial Day or 4th of July. I have another idea in mind if it works. Hint: more Christmas ornaments to share.

Creek, glad you like the candle holders too. I have votive holders in other colors that I want to try with them so can't ship for awhile.LOL

Thanks so much Jane and Creek for your sweet comments. You are such enablers and keep me motivated. No rest for the wicked.haha


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Wow, everything came together beautifully!

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It really looks great. Valentine's Day is a wonderful holiday to decorate for. I just love it!

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Punk, I didn't realize you added white tissue paper to the vase, how clever, I thought the hearts were painted white.
I think our vignettes should have cherubs.

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Nessie, so glad you are enjoying the Valentine decor here.

Ocnick, I agree Valentine's Day is always fun to decorate for. Lotta love going on with this holiday.

Nana, adding the white really brought out the heart design. I love cherubs too. Will bring mine out and share a picture.

Thanks for all your comments. This was a fun table.


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