Nissan Consumer Affairs Problems (Long)

cheerful1_gwSeptember 25, 2006

When we went to trade in our Nissan Maxima, we discovered the title incorrectly had Nissan Acceptance Corporation (NMAC) as lienholder (our lien release letter was from the bank we made payments to). It took days of phone calls to NMAC to issue a letter stating they did not have an interest in the vehicle. In the meantime, we sent a letter of complaint to Nissan Consumer Affairs stating the above. Their response was "we can't complete any request without an account number"! Of course, there's no account number since there was no lien to begin with! We are disgusted enough to bring this to another level, but are not sure who to send a letter to.

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Timing is everything. Your problem is old history, so no one wants to get involved. Had you noticed the error when the car was new, and witheld a loan payment until the matter was resolved, you would have received immediate attention. Surely someone at your bank must have noticed the discrepancy, but that person apparently did nothing to resolve it.

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What are you trying to do? Just vent? Obviously somebody at the DEALERSHIP made a mistake and put the wrong leinholder on the title. So where does Corporate come into play?
What do you want them to do about it now?
THe DEALER did it, not corporate.

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