engine oil leak on 1996 dodge caravan

andy2007September 1, 2006

I have spent over $1500 in the past three years on this

minor engine oil leak. I got the gaskets, rocker covers

and several things the garages suggested. It is not leaking

as much now but I can see small drips on the driveway.

The used car dealer wants to give me $1500 for my car.

The new garage I found wants me to spend another $500+

to investigate + new gaskets etc. What do you recommend?

Thank you for your responses.


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If you have the money to throw away - pitch it my direction..lol......:-)
If the oil level at the dipstick does not appreciatively drop between oil changes, then, you have NO leak(of engine oil).
Seepage yes - IMO, they all seep, some more than others...
Assure that you do not have excessive pressure in the crankcase, that the PVC system functions properly.

Identify the "leak", it could be power steering oil or ATF.
Some say that the use of Auto-RX stops these leaks......

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You are correct, the engine oil level does not drop below
the required level. That means it is not a leak, but just
a Seepage. (what does IMO mean?)
Thank you for valuable remarks. I appreciate it. andy2007

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IMO = In My Opinion.

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Slow oil leaks are very hard to find and as you have found are quite expensive to repair. Instead of taking $1500.00 from the dealer you could sell the van for at least $700.00 more and have it gone quickly. Check the value of your van at Edmonds.com as a private sale and try selling it for around that price.


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Sometimes the small leaks can be fixed or made even smaller using commercial oil additives like Bars-Leak. These additives make the seals swell and sometimes this is enough to stop a leak. If this works, you may get many more miles out of the vehicle without a significant investment.

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