Cost of Pirelli tires

catherinetSeptember 26, 2013

My DD recently had 2 tires replaced on her Ford Five Hundred. She'll get 2 more as soon as she earns the money.
She went to a Bob Sumerel's in Ohio. The total for 2 Pirelli tires (the least expensive tires they had for her car), came to about $410.00 We were flabbergasted. I wish she had talked to me first. That price includes a required $42 "protection package" and tax and tire disposal..........for 2 tires. Oh........and they told her it was a 60,000 mile warranty, but then later she found out it was only 45,000.
Some of my friends are saying this price is outrageous, while others are saying that's about right.
What do you think?

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Can't give you an answer. Don't know the size of the tires you bought. Don't know which model tire you bought. Don't know what year the car is.
Did you even bother shopping around for a couple of different prices?

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I bought 1 new tire due to sidewall puncture. 195/65/15. Got a lowly prime well p830? For $43. Installed, it was 63 out the door. Yes, it is round and black. Car had 8k miles at 1 yr. 8/32 tread depth on oem tire. New was 11/32

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