Engine runs but switches off when put to drive

kemkemSeptember 4, 2006

My car is a Honda 1991 model, automatic transmission. Recently i changed the rings in the engine because the car was producing a lot of smoke from the exhaust. it was okay for a while. last monday as i was ready to go to work, i started the engine, it picked up but as i put it to gear, it engaged for a sec but the engine went off, the same happened when u put it to reverse, the engine runs only in park and neutral.

My mechanic has been battling with it since then but can't seem to discover the problem.

can anyone pls help me out.



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Check for a broken, missing, or unconnected ground strap between the engine/transmission to frame/body. The ignition circuit is being completed through the neutral/park switch on the shifter. This switch opens when the shifter lever is moved to any gear including reverse. Without the ground strap, the neutral switch and lead may be overloaded and may smoke.

If you find an open ground strap, repair, then check the neutral switch and lead. Replace if damaged.

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jemdandy i don''t know much about cars but my mechanic said he's checked the groundstrap and it's ok. what he says now is that the cylinder needs to be changed. my concern is that i don't want the engine to be tampered with and he isn't even sure if he cylinder is the problem do you think that can be the problem?

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What cylinder is he talking about? Is it the solenoid on the starter motor? If so, he may be correct.

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Something is shutting off the ignition when the shifter is moved. Does your car have any kind of electrical interlock between the ignition switch and the shifter mechanism? There is a mechanical interlock that prevents the shifter from moving from park when the key is removed.

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i'm very frustated because no one seems to know what is wrong with my car.i've changed mechanic twice now and still no solution. Jemjandy the new guy says it is the solenoid besides the gear box that is faulty. what's a solenoid anyway?

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said i should tell the board i've finally found solution to my car's problem. it was the brainbox that needed replacement. thanks a lot jemjandy

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Do you feel the car try to move before it dies, do you think the transmission is engaging and then the car dies. The torque convertor may be locked up killing the motor, what I do is have a couple of helpers push the car, I start it in Neutral, push the car, pop it in drive and off the car goes, use the brakes, stop, car dies, hopefully I stopped on top of a hill.

As was mentioned, run a redundant ground wirefromthe battery negative to the inner fender at some bolt to ground the body and many other items not grounded by the engine tranny combo. A car may start but I have had many a strange things happen by broken bonding wires or blown main fuses and YES, even a locked up torque convertor.

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