Where to buy a large mirror?

Kathy RiveraMarch 28, 2012

We are at the end of our bathroom remodel and I might want to buy a new mirror...Long story about why I'm waiting until now to look - I won't bore you with details!

I'm looking about 60-66" long, 30" wide (high). I did find exactly that in a nice (plain) frame at Restoration Hardware for $289 (with 125 shipping).

This is an addition to the (already slightly exceeded) budget so I'm not looking for anything extravagant. But I'm not super versed in all the online places to check out. I've already checked overstock, pottery barn, crate & barrel. Any other suggestions of places to look?

Thank you!

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If you have a GardenRidge store near you or a Kirkland's they are usually good places to look for a good deal on a large mirror.

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i ahd a large mirror (65x40) cut and beveled by the company that made my glass shower doors. then i had it framed with mirror molding made by my cabinet company.

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Personally, I don't think you can do better than Ikea when it comes to mirrors. They won't have fancy beveled, scalloped frames or anything, but simple large mirrors that are affordable.

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Look in your phone book for you local Glass & Mirror company...They can custom cut whatever size you need and deliver it to you..They also have all the necessary mounting hardware... and I doubt if you can find a better price in any specialty hardware catalog.

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Home Goods and Kirklands are good places to try if they're in your area.

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Kathy Rivera

mydreamhome - No GR, but there is a Kirklands. They have some great large mirrors at good prices! Of course, the one that is perfect is 1" too long. Grr. But thanks for the rec - now I can use them for future decor needs!

Busy - Yeah, I called the local glass place to have them reinstall the old one and that's going to be minimum $300. And it's fine, but plain, old and not framed. So I'm assuming a new one will be even more. (Plus, they weren't very nice on the phone! LOL!) I guess I figure if I can get a new, framed one for similar cost I'd rather do that. But they might be my answer after all...

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Kathy Rivera

Oh Ikea! Duh! I see a possibility on their website for $80. Maybe I'll make a trip over there this weekend. And there's a Home Goods near there, too...

I also found a frameless one at Home Depot for $60. Wondering if I should give that a try and just have the contractor frame it out.

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this ikea mirror looks awesome in person. Solid, heavy.
inexpensive. You can dress it up with some molding if you like.

Here is a link that might be useful: ikea

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