Cooking on a electric stove

ryseryse_2004March 20, 2014

I love to cook and also can produce every year so the stove is very important to me. Many of the houses we are looking at have only electric available and I am concerned about this.

My only experience with electric stoves is 30 years old and back then it was very difficult to pressure can on one. I worry about the fact that there is no instant on/off and variations. Do the new stoves perform better?

Also, if there is an electric outage, with a gas stove, you can always cook.

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Get induction, as good or better than gas, much better than other electric cooktops.

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Does the area have natural gas available? Unless it does or you want to consider using propane for cooking, induction is the way to go. Bringing natural gas the distance to our under-construction house eight years ago would have been a budget buster. We opted for propane for cooking and heating because I would have sold the house before using an electric cook top. Induction was still pretty untested in the US back then but I would definitely use it today if gas were not available.

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We have electric cooking only in our house and I bought a radiant electric cooktop. The best I can say is that it's better than a coil electric. It does annoying things like cycle on and off and it isn't super responsive. I cook a lot and I've learned to work with it. Plus it's 10 and it was my only alternative at that time.

If I was still in the same position today, I'd go with induction. It offers the speed and power of gas and the responsiveness but works the way electric does. There's a learning curve since it's not conventional power but a majority of the reports from those here who have it are positive and enthusiastic.

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Try asking in the Harvest forum. I think there are some smaller pressure canners that are steel and will work with induction, but it's not ideal. It doesn't work with the big aluminum one, and you have to be careful about the weight on a ceramic-glass topped stove. Some people have no trouble canning on old fashioned coil electric but few prefer it for all cooking tasks.

I remember someone got a propane turkey fryer base to use outdoors with a pressure canner.

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