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john_gSeptember 19, 2007

Most of you on the board have known me for a long time. I know I come across as pretty opinionated/cynical once in a while but hope you see past that and find the points that I am trying to make .

Anyway, there is an Automotive Diagnostic Technician Expo going on in the US. Part of it started with a PC based test. The test has some 340 possible questions, randomly selected by the computer. Techs are given one hour to take the test and each of us participating has been graded by only the correct answers for the questions we answered. (Nobody has answered more than 50% of the possible questions) This was one hard test! While there is still time for me to get knocked off, for now I am at #3 in region 4 (North East) and set to be one of the people who get to do the hands on competition in Philly Oct 13th. If somehow I manage to win that, I'll get to try for the national title, in January, in Hawaii.

Like I said, I'm pretty excited, and hopefull that my score stands up. Testing will run for just about one more week. When your looking at this page, scroll down to the bottom and look at the National standings, for iATN members. I'm telling you now because since I am at #10, I'm likely to get bumped off of that list any day now. But I was there for a little while anyway. It's really neat to see some of the other names there. There are guys that I have known for a number of years to be the best of the best, and to even be on that list even if just barely is a suprise for me.

There is the link, surf the rest of the webpage.

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You're still there. Good job, and good luck!

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I rarely post on here,but read many of the posts and have always enjoyed your replies. Congrats!!

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Hey John G.: Thank goodness for your "opinionated and cynical" comments on this list. I for one find most of them to be rather refreshing and you usually "tell it like it is". You've helped a lot of us with your insight and knowledge over the years. I will follow your position on the test list with interest. Go gettum John!!

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Good for you, John! Good luck on getting all the way through!

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