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PurplemoonJanuary 30, 2013

I haven't been contributing lately, so thought I'd share some decor photos I've collected on Pinterest for the Spring and summer holidays. They aren't in any kind of order as Pinterest doesn't have a way to rearrange pictures, so you will find Valentines scattered thru out the rest of the holidays. There are some neat Easter ideas especially I think.

I'm going to see if I can catch up on some posts, am way behind again. I'm sorry to say that I still can't seem to get my decorating 'groove' back at all. Today I was going thru my rabbit stuff and find myself wanting to re-home about half of it. All kinds of bunnies, including Easter type. And still planning to part with my Valentine decor.
Anyone interested, let me know. (sangareeKS at aol).

Meanwhile you guys keep doing your fantastic decorating so I can sit back and enjoy all of it. ;o) That won't change, I promise! I love what you create.

hugs, Karen

Here is a link that might be useful: Spring Holiday Decor Ideas

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Karen, I loved looking at your ideas you shareded this morning with coffee. I even noticed some were from our family here on Holidays. The large pink bunny and the twig wreath bunny is something I'd like to make. The bunnies going down the center of the table on fluffy yarn is adorable.

All the filled cloches were great. I've never bought one but always enjoy seeing them filled for the different holidays. That Valentine mantel really caught my eye. I don't have a mantel like alot of you do to decorate. It makes me sad reading you want to part with some of your beautiful decorations. You always do such a beautiful job decorating.

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Wow, Karen, thanks for posting -- those are fantastic!!!

I don't think it's a bad idea to shed any of your decorating items that don't have special meaning to you. I have some old beat-up xmas ornaments that mean the world to me just because I remember them from when I was a kid and I'd never part with them. Newer and more expensive purchased items don't necessarily have any special meaning to me... unless they were purchased on a trip! I wouldn't advise you to part with any decorating item that makes you smile every time you see it. :)

Punk, the bunnies with the yarn is amazing! how long must it have taken them just to cut and attach that yarn?! omg. I couldn't do it!

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Wow! Lots of beautiful eye-candy! TFS, purplemoon! Jeanne S.

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Karen...I love all the 'eye candy'!
Seeing this was a well needed 'breath of Spring' !
So many lovely things to look at. I especially
love seeing the white bunnies and some of the simple ideas
like the glass heart jar with the buttons in it.

Don't be too quick to part with your lovely things just yet.
Give it a litte more time when you're feeling more like your old self. I know
where you're at for the moment and you don't want to regret
making any permanent decisions just yet.
I'm sure 'that groove' will return in time...

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I'm relatively new here, so I don't know your back story, but I enjoyed browsing the pictures you pinned. I find Pinterest extremely frustrating because of all of the repetition, so I appreciated your edited selections all the more.

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I sure enjoyed your choices!
I second what Jane said:
"Don't be too quick to part with your lovely things just yet.
Give it a litte more time when you're feeling more like your old self. I know
where you're at for the moment and you don't want to regret
making any permanent decisions just yet.
I'm sure 'that groove' will return in time... "

Remember: your DGK's and DGGS can be your valentines, it doesn't need to be just a romantic holiday, since neither of us have a DH that fits that description, LOL

Besides, Teegan and all of the rest of us love to see your decor!! You don't want to disappoint Teegan do you? TeeHee.


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Fun2, don't give up on Pinterest. Its really easy to navigate once you get the hang of it and then you can avoid a lot of repetition. And don't forget there is a search box you can find things you want to look at. I'm so photo obsessed, that place is like a candy store to me. LOL.

Punk, please don't be sad. I don't want to make you feel like that. Valentine's was never a holiday I particularly liked, as Candy noted about our respective DH's and them not having a romantic bone in their bodies!! ;o) I got into decorating for it only because of the gang here. But its just not that enjoyable for me. I don't have a lot of Valentine stuff luckily, so its no big deal to find it a good home. (tho I don't dare take it to Goodwill, I'd be dumb enough to buy some of it back. LOL)
As for my bunnies...I think I mentioned one time that I probably have around 200 in my collection. Trust me, I won't miss a lot of them!! I want to pare down to those that I really love or are special to me. None of my kids are collectors, or holiday decorators (except Christmas) cause they are too busy in their lives right now. So I can't dump my stuff on them. Darn it.

Party, thank you. Sounds like you understand. With me having so many collections and so much stuff, lately I am just feeling like its taking over my house and life. I would like to pare some things down a bit, tho I am the type of person who will always have 'too much' stuff.

I'm glad y'all enjoyed that Pinterest board of mine. Jane, how are things going there? Besides frustrating!

I will add photos quite often if you want to check my board occasionally. And yes, Punk, some of the pix are from our Forum's inspiration albums. Thought I should share the talent and creativity with Pinterest followers. Tho I need to look up names and give credit. I know one of the Val. pictures is Luv's. ;o)

I see that the wonderful tablescape with the big bunnies down the middle was a hit with you guys too. I thought that was so neat, and the yarn was quite an interesting base for them. I tend to 'pin' cloche decor often as I do love that especially.
(Punk, you need a mantel and a cloche!!)

And no Candy, I don't want to disappoint Teegan. LOL. Heaven forbid. She's wearing a red blouse, does that count for Valentine's? ;o) (Fun2, you may have noticed a couple of us "ol gals" play with dolls. And we have Jeanne and her DollBaby to blame for it!! She started it....)


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Karen, thanks for sharing the pictures. It's been so gray and dreary here. They were like a ray of Sunshine. [Did I say I hate winter?.]
I probably wouldn't do as much decorating if it weren't for my friends here on Holidays. I don't get much company, except for Christmas and Easter, so It doesn't matter if I decorate or not.
I know what you mean about 'stuff taking over'. It's gotten to the point where I've forgotten what I have or things aren't where they should be. I think this is a common problem tho.

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Nana, its more than a common problem. At least here with all of us. LOL. Makes it kind of a fun problem tho, adult version of Hide 'n Seek I guess.

You and I totally alike in hardly anyone seeing our decorating. But I found having the house colorful and festive for the different holidays (or seasons) improved my mood and there was nothing wrong in decorating just for 'me'. Now I just need to get out of this rut and back to enjoying that again.

You wouldn't hate winter here, LOL. In the 70s. Its our nice time of year, tho way too short before the heat comes back full force.

hugs, Karen

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I have noticed the dolls in some of the posts. My grandmother used to make porcelain dolls. She had a whole workshop with paints and kilns.

So, what's the secret for browsing Pinterest efficiently? I wish they had a slideshow function like Houzz.

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Karen, I totally 2nd what Jane said. Just stash them away for one more year, then part with them if you still feel this way. If I hadn't spent the last year trying to "clean out" around here, I'd have the car headed your way in no time because you always have such neat decos.

Oh, for Valentines did you forget about all your neat cherubs???


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Karen, my fav of your photos is the big white bunny in the twig nest on the old chair! Lots of very pretty ideas, thanks for sharing. Luvs

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Luvs, looks like my Val. stuff is going to be stashed for another year. Too late to try and find new home now for it. Was hoping I could unload it to some of you, LOL. No, I didn't forget my Cherubs. Just lost interest in most of my stuff now it seems.

Fun2, if you want to email me, I'll try and help you with Pinterest. My email is at the top in case you missed it.
Just let me know if you browse Pinterest or if you are registered where you have your own boards and follow other people. It might make a difference in how I can help you
navigate things. Tho I'd recommend to anyone to sign up and be part of the site. Its all free and you can save as many photos, in as many boards (albums), as you want. Some folks put me to shame with their 80,000 pictures saved. LOL.
And I thought I was photo-obsessed! Anyway, I'll be glad to help if I can.

I will probably be saving quite a few new Easter pictures as more and more come up on Pinterest, so check my link occasionally if you want to see new ideas.

hugs, Karen

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