What to buy from Ikea?

CamGFebruary 1, 2013

We will have a detailed bid for our house shortly and anticipate proceeding immediately. After reading about Ikea cabinets on this forum, and after talking to people who have seen them in person, we are strongly thinking about buying our kitchen cabinets at Ikea. We are about 8 hours away, so this would involve me borrowing a flatbed trailer and driving back and forth, but it looks like this could save several thousand dollars and result in a nicer kitchen.

I notice Ikea also has lighting, laminate flooring, plumbing fixtures, appliances, etc. The appliances seem a bit expensive, but everything else looks really reasonably-priced. If we end up trekking to Ikea, what else should we consider getting for our build? Thanks!

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We have a combination of Brookhaven and Ikea... If I were to do it again, would likely go all Ikea given the cost differential and high quality of Ikea. Our experience with Ikea wasn't seamless as initial order facilitated by their "expert" wasn't complete. Be sure soft close hinges, mounting hardware, kick panels and side panels are all completely included in your order.

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This is a pretty good thread on what to buy from Ikea:

Dana at House*Tweaking has done some great budget Ikea projects, including her beautiful kitchen:

I am planning to doing the photo below in our mudroom. As long as it isn't moved, I am not worried about quality issues. There are some pretty amazing Ikea hacks on Pinterest.

Ikea Entertainment unit:


Custom Built-in cabinets:

Built-in closet:



Ikea kitchen:

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We did our pantry shelving using Ikea (Broder--wood) system. That was really cost effective and has been just right for our pantry.

We also like Expedit shelves for toy storage and recently discovered they are also a great size for closets too. Lots of people hack these to be window seating or similar as well.

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The Algot system looks to be a good choice for closet organization too. See if you can get IKEA to send you a catalog... I find the website clumsy.

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Kirkhall, could I see a picture of your pantry with the broder system installed?

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Hmmm. Yes. Though, I will need to "clear some things out". ;) Give me through the weekend, and if I forget, send me a note through email (I have it set up on here).

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I think it depends on whether you will be installing these things yourself or if you plan on having the contractor install them.

Since Ikea is so far away from you, you need to consider whether it is worth it if you have to make a second trip because you forgot a piece, a piece was not in stock, a piece is damaged, etc. Any of these things can and do happen and mean another trip to Ikea. While there is nothing wrong with having to make another trip to Ikea, sometimes it is a pain and can hold things up.

Having said that, we do have Ikea items in our house, but we installed them all ourselves. Our entertainment center is Expedit and we have kitchen cabinets installed as closet organizers.

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Yeah if you are that far, I would advise getting them to install. We are doing an all Ikea kitchen but our Ikea is an hour away. Our cabinets came to 6K and install was going to be 2K (I think it is $100 a cabinet or something? DH is installing ours with help of firefighter buddies. But I agree...most people seem to have a least one part missing and I would be pretty annoyed to drive 8 hours for said part. But I am so excited for our kitchen!

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i got butcherblock counters from ikea. their undercabinet lighting seems like a good deal also.

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We almost did Ikea on a basic house. It was $1500 in parts and $1800 in install. The competition was $4k total. The savings wasn't incredible and there were other downsides.

Sure the drawers are great.

The install costs were very high partly because of our distance from the store. It was an Ikea installer - and they weren't going back to the store for missing parts. That was on us or our builder. Our builder was incredibly relieved when we decided against Ikea because he said there is always something missing.

That being said, on a much higher end house, I used their closet system (self-installed) in the master closet.

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Would Ikea contract with an installer 8 hours away? I would very likely do the assembly and install myself. I have read about missing parts, but my brother lives close to an Ikea, so I think we could make due with a missing door or hinge as he could pick it up and ship it to me. And I suppose I could check before leaving if all the essential or structural parts at present?

Anyway, not set on this idea, but if it would save money with other areas of the build, that might help make the decision. Thank for ththoughts.

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Very pleased with my kitchen using IKEA cabinets. Would not use their laminate flooring. If you walk thru their store, you'll see it doesn't even hold up in their displays.

My IKEA offers to pull the product and deliver to my zip code for flat rate of $128. I am 132 miles away and it is worth the money. We installed it ourselves. Time consuming but not difficult. Having an IKEA contractor do it just added way too much to the cost.

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does anyone know why I can't save or print my Ikea kitchen layout. I use Google Chrome and have tried reducing the screen resolution to no avail.
I have to start over when I log in
thanks in advance for your hellp

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I use Chrome also and although I haven't tried to save or print a layout from Ikea I know from experience Chrome does not work with every website. The company's website designer has to make their features compatible with Chrome and not all do so occasionally I need to flip over to Internet Explorer. Just this morning I had to switch for Famous Footwear because they are not compatible with Chrome.

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