Matching older fixtures

catlover5March 2, 2012

Good day! Does anyone have a source to match old 1940 fixtures in bath? I have a 1940s cottage with the original blue/yellow tile bathroom complete with yellow tub and sink. In mint condition so no complaints but PO broke toilet a few days before we moved in and replaced it with white toilet. Been looking for 5+ years on and off but no luck. Think I may just have to wait for matching fixtures when bath wears out? Thank you.

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I came across this web site last week while looking for pictures of vintage baths. This guy may be able to help you with a source. Wonderful website!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Thank you mydreamhome for the suggestions. I don't know if I have a Habitat for Humanity but will look into it. Since the toilet is long gone I don't know if the tub or sink have any markings but I'll check it. It's not a bright yellow and not a dark gold yellow but somewhere in between! Seems a bit gross looking/talking about old toilets but that's what bleach is for!

DebraV, I checked that web site and WOW. I love Victorian stylings but have never seen such ornate fixtures before! I'll contact them. Thanks for posting!

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