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bonsMarch 4, 2013

I see a lot of people mentioning AJ Madison. They have a great website (lots of products) and seem to have great prices, but has anyone ever ordered from there and had applianced delivered a long distance?

Their reviews as an appliance dealer are not great from what I've seen, so I'm interested in knowing if anyone here has actually had a good or bad experience. I'm in California.

I need a refrigerator (already know which one), double-oven range (agonizing over this), and dishwasher (likely Bosch).


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I am considering purchasing my whole house from AJ Madison (rangetop, refrigerator, double wall overs, microwave drawer, dish washer, washer, dryer and beverage fridge) as I am a huge internet shopper.

I called and talked to them today. They said they are aware of the negative feedback on reseller ratings and other sites. They attribute this to competitors posting many of these reviews unfairly. They stated they have an "A+" rating at BBB. They were actually quite upfront and honest about the perception of their company by some of the review sites.

They did state that they ship over 500 items daily with the majority going to very happy customers that don't take the time to post any feedback. They also stated they have multiple governmental and industry accounts as further proof of their legitimacy.

This is what I have been told today.

I am also looking for GWer feedback from this company as the tax difference alone to me is almost $1K.

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Do a search. There are a bunch of threads about AJ Madison on this forum and/or the Kitchen forum. Some of them are fairly recent.

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All I can say is I called to talk to them this week for the first time. It was regarding a couple of Franke faucets. Wow. They hung up on my twice at the start of the conversation, both times after a long hold. And then when I finally got someone, they soooo could not be bothered to answer a few simple questions re shipping and order times. I was kind of shocked, as I'd somehow gotten the impression they were very helpful on the phone.

It did displace my lingering doubt, however, about paying a premium to my local dealer for my upcoming large appliances. I am not saying they are sharp like this with everyone -- I know that's not the case -- but I am a polite, professional person with two small, specific questions, and I felt like I'd been hit with a flamethrower. Maybe one guy having a bad day and YMMV.

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I wasn't impressed with their phone etiquette either, MizLizzie. It seemed like they could care less if I bought from them (and I didn't).

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I just ordered a refrigerator from them. They were very helpful and had fast delivery.

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I called about 10 times in the last few months mainly to fact find on their "Call" pricing (Wolf, Bluestar, etc) or to try to negotiate a better price. I would say about 8 times they were borderline to very polite. 2 times were below expectations for what I would deem appropriate politeness.

I would think this is fairly typical of the larger online stores.

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"They stated they have an "A+" rating at BBB. "

That only means that no claims/ complaints to the BBB has been made against them.

And perhaps that they have been in business for over "x" years, I can't remember exactly, but the contractor we hired to build an addition had a BBB A+ rating and he was worse than horrible. The reason no claims had been made against him and his company is that nobody wanted him back to fix his shoddy work! I'll never believe the BBB rating system again.

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I don't put much weight in the BBB either.

Just reporting what they told me on the phone.

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I have to been going through this exact process with AJ Madison. I am in NJ and have been to quite a few places to get quotes. I called AJ Madison on a whim and I have to say I am very impressed. The person I have been dealing with on the phone has been excellent. I have made many many changes from my initial order. And he has been very patient as he has no guarantee I will actually buy from them. I am spending about $13K and this process has been going on for about two months and so far I have to say I am thoroughly impressed. I am aware of the complaints online and it has made me wary about ultimately passing over my CC but their prices are the best so far. That combined with the fact that they have been excellent in answering all my questions in a polite and timely fashion I have nothing to complain about. I spoke with my contact today about delivery and all the other details where there have been complaints and I am convinced. I am finally going to pull the trigger tomorrow. Part of me can't think about it anymore but the bigger part of me is convinced and satisfied with all the information and they have provided the best quote by far.... So I am going to pull the trigger tomorrow.

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Very surprised that there aren't any posts with people reporting their first hand experience (either good or bad).

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OK first hand.
I called.
I ordered.
They came.

Couldn't have been smoother.

However they are still in the garage, so it's not until they get installed and plugged in that we'll really know how it went. If there are any issues, do the manufacturers give us any grief over warranty or anything like that.

Aside from that, great service and prices from AJM.

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Did you unwrap them and check for shipping damage? If there is, you need to report it to AJ Madison right away. The manufacturer's warranty won't cover shipping damage. You should also find out when your warranty starts - some start on delivery, some start on install.

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I ordered all my appliance online. I purchased my summit fridge from them. I have it in the garage waiting for installed. We un wrapped it and plugged it in. Good to go.
I purchased my nxr stove from a restaurant supply house in California. Received it in under 2 weeks.The savings online saved me enough cash that it was worth it to me.

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I purchased a gas range and matching hood from them. I made the order online and called when I decided to add the hood and asked about delivery dates. They offered a few dates some were sooner then I was prepared for. They did deliver to me in southern pa less than a week later. They were polite on the phone with me and the frueght carrier was on time The guys did need some assistance getting the range carton in the house but it was not damaged and I hooked it up and cooked dinner in an hour.

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"Very surprised that there aren't any posts with people reporting their first hand experience (either good or bad)."

Not sure what it means. Several PPs reported their first-hand experience with AJM customer service.

My remodel was delayed several times so I have been on the phone with AJM many times since July. It has really been sort of "hit-and-miss" thing. I had that "hung up after a long wait" experience quite often. I started writing down the names and extensions of their sales people who were helpful, so I could ask for them directly. IME, ~50% are rude, 25% - borderline and 25% - very helpful and polite.

FWIW, I do intend to order from them this week as there are some brands are either unavailable locally where I live or would take a long time to get.

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