Help! Which cycle with Miele DW Conditioner?

cat_momMarch 3, 2013

I am about to run the bottle through a cycle in my Optima, but all it says in the instructions--run a "standard" cycle of 60 C degrees/140 F degrees or more. Can't recall the temp settings for the different cycles on our machine (not listed in the manual).


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I use the Pots Pans cycle since it has the longest and hottest wash cycle, followed by two rinses.

Actually, what I do is instead of using the full bottle, I pour it into the detergent compartment on the door. That way I get about 5 uses per bottle. I do that like once a month.

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aaaargh--I didn't see your post before running the machine! Thank you for replying though!!!

I am running it on Normal cycle now. Figured Normal might be what the instructions call Standard. I was tempted to use Pots and Pans, or even Sani(tary), but didn't. :(

I will run a couple of Rinse and Hold cycles afterward though--good idea.

If you don't use the entire bottle, do you get the full effect of the conditioner? Any added benefit, or contraindications to using it every month?

We've never cleaned or conditioned our MIele (have had it/been using it almost 6 years now), so a full bottle's worth probably a good idea, at least this first time. It certainly was inexpensive enough (Amazon), especially if it were to be used only a few times a year.

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Yes, Pots and Pans would be the right cycle. You don't need to runs extra rinse cycles, though. The conditioner is just (an expensive version of) critic acid for the most part.


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The first time I used it I did the full bottle using the Normal cycle, this was 6 months after using the new dishwasher. Then six months later I did another full bottle, but on the Pots Pans mode since it runs the wash cycle the longest and hottest. After that, I figured I could just do it once every other month by pouring the cleaning liquid into the door dispenser. That way it will open and release during the wash cycle, and the bottle has lasted me a full year.

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Next time I will use Pots and Pand cycle. It should say that on the label. I used Normal cycle. Oh well.

I did the rinses already. No big deal as it's a very short cycle.

I am probably more likely to use the conditioner a few times a year at best, since it needs to be used with an empty DW. If I start remembering to use it more often than that l, I can use less, more often.

Thanks for the help!!!

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