Tile soap dish has fallen out ... can it be repaired?

Alice JohannenMarch 29, 2012

We have a tiling issue that I hope someone can help with. The small upstairs bathroom in our 1969-built house is tiled with 4x4 shiny white tile in the tub/shower area AND about 1/2 way up all the rest of the bathroom walls. Just a couple of weeks ago, the matching tile soap dish in the tub/shower (the kind with a grip/handle) pulled out of the wall, so we have a gaping, tile-less hole in the shower/tub area. My husband says we can't really put it back in because it is supposed to be secured from behind(?), but if we don't put it back in, what would we put in its place? We need about 2 tiles worth of "filler." Of course we have no old 1969 tiles to put in its place, nor am I hopeful we could find any new ones that would match. We need a solution that won't involve us having to re-tile the entire bathroom!

Can anyone weigh in on how we might secure this darned soap dish back in place? Is it possible? If so, how is it done? If not ... do you have any creative ideas about how we could fix this problem without redoing the entire bathroom?

Thank you!

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Just put it in with a GOOD, modified thinset or a tube of PL Premium.....(Available at Homer Burrito)

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Ditto. As long as you have a solid surface to attach it to, it should be fine.

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Just a note that i read here in the past. The soap dishes like you've got were referred to as dangerous because people grab the bar that is meant to be for wash clothes. You might be able to find a match that doesn't have the bar in case you are concerned about this safety issue.

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Quick DIY instructions to fix

Here is a link that might be useful: thinset

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Alice Johannen

Thank you all. There's actually a hole in the wall where it had been anchored. Can we repair that hole and do the same fix? I hope so!

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