dsc rdt-305 range ignitor problem

harry_wildMarch 9, 2012

I have a DCS RDT Series Range which I bought around 7 years ago. Today I started to have this ignition problem. All the ignitor continiously keep sparking on the all 5 burners; the ignition won't stop and keep clicking even the burner already started and it is still doing it when all the burners are shut off too. I went and turned off the electricity to the range the circuit breaker in the electric panel. All 5 burners' ignition were clicking at the same time and not just the one I was using. I called DCS and they said I need to clean the ignitor and I have done it but it keeps going - the ignitors; all 5 of them still keep trying to lite the stove and the click and sparking continues when the electric is turned back on.

Can someone please help?

I think it a part that needs to be replace but not sure of that?

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You need to replace the ignition module.
You should be able to get it from DCS.


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You might also order some new ignitors at the same time just to have at least the option of placing one known to be good ignitor in service if the module change doesn't clear up the whole problem.

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All the ignitors will click when you try to light any one burner - that's how it works.

First question - do you get the continuous clicking when you try to light any of the burners or only one particular burner?

If it's one particular burner, then the problem is with that ignitor. First try cleaning it as DCS suggested with a Q-tip and alcohol. Wait a few minutes for it to dry.

If it's happening with all the burners then you probably do need the ignition module.

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It happens all the time when everything on the stovetop is shut off! If there is electricity turn on to the range; all the ignitors spark at the same time on the stovetop and you can see the arcing on all five burners. Just complete kaos!

I found the part and the service manual from DSC; but still wonder how much time it would take to do the repair and just how hard is it to replace the ignition module on a DCS 30" RDS-305SS I think the item is called 5 Point Spark Module 211840?

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Sorry, can't help with that. If it happened to me I'd have to hire someone to do the repair. You might call DCS and see if one of their techs can explain it to you on the phone.

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Hi Weissman,

Can I ask how much it cost you for the repair? $200.00? or more?

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Sorry, I think you misunderstood - I said IF I needed the repair I'd have to hire someone - fortunately I haven't had that problem - yet!

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Folks have changed out the ignitor modules on the Blue Star Ranges, you could read one of those posts and get an idea on how to do it.

You can also try some internet sites like "Fixya" etc, maybe someone has posted on one of those sites about changing out the Module.

Also try googling DCS Ignition module,or spark module, maybe you will get lucky.

The $200 is that including the part? I doubt you will be able to get the part + Labor + travel for much less than $400, but I would love to be wrong.


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I purchased the part from DCS after they email me the service manual. It looks like a 15 minute job; but I will let you know afterwards. If I cannot do it; I will hire a repair person to do it for me but from the manual it not that big of a deal! I fix my own car; so I do not think it much of a problem a stove compare to a car should be a piece of cake but you never know until you try!

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I had this happen 2 weeks ago to my DCS. (Friday at dinner time) Left front burner, when I tried to use it all of them clicked continuously. I had a boil over on the left back burner the night before. Called the dealer on Sat and they said repair person would call me Mon. On Mon morning I tried it and it worked fine. I am sure it must have to do with the boil over on the rear burner. All burners have been fine since.

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Don't forget to disconnect the power from range before you work on it Harry Wild, if you thinks the business end of one of those spark plugs in the car is "Exilarating" the ignitor module will probably be even more so!

We prefer to recalls you as Harry Wild, rather than "Wild Harry"!


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Will it been a while now and I spilled some soup and after cleaning everything up I find that two of my burners have continuous igniters going off(click sound) even after the burner's flames are coming out!

Is there a way to get the igniter to quit after the burner is going? Is there a sensor that has to be cleaned or what triggers it to go off after it lites the burner?

I clean the igniter and the parts - ring, etc.. This time let all the parts dry off before install it together. And it works now!

I gave it about 1 1/2 dry time!

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