Fridge Drawer Units for Produce?

HeidiW113March 4, 2013

Hello All -

I really want to get the under-counter refrigerator drawers, and plan to use them primarily for storing produce, especially in the summer months when the farmstands are in abundance. Otherwise all that produce tends to get lost and therefore go to waste at the bottom of my fridge. So I DO want something that will keep my produce fresh as long as possible,

The Kitchen Aid set is about $2200 -- the SubZero about $4K! I have had one guy (the one selling me cabinets) tell me the KitchenAid will be fine, but the appliance salesman today told me it does not have humidity control -- and if I want to store produce he tells me I "need" to go with the sub zero. I am open to other brands too, those are just the ones I have come across.

So, since I generally don't take salesmen at their word ;).....but I also do know produce is more sensitive...anyone know the real deal here? $4K just seems way too much to pay to properly store my produce...

Advice appreciated, thanks!

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My Electrolux drawers are wonderful for produce but i generally leave the produce in the thin plastic bags from the supermarket. It lasts a long time. It was abt. $2k 2 years ago. I love them for everything.

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Perlick, Marvel, and U-Line also make undercounter fridge drawers. The Sub-Zero drawers are a specialty size at 27 inches, so you are committed to that size for any replacements in the future. Others make a 24 inch and 30 in version.

I also saw on an appliance website that Summit makes them, but I've never heard of Summit before. I think JennAir has one, or is introducing one soon.

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I've heard that Summit is noisy and Marvel is a little noisy when the compressor cycles on. My Elux is quiet and Perlick's reputation is one of quiet, too. Check various reviews for KA.

Elux advertises as 6 cu. ft. so it has more capacity than all others, even more than the SZ which is 27 inches wide. Elux keeps our sodas cold. I keep anything and everything in our fridge drawers. Love, love.

Perlick has a scratch and dent store, online. I think Bee or perhaps someone else near the east coast is familiar with the 'outlet' store. Certainly worth checking. Do a search via google or other of gw for perlick. Perlick is pricey but there are terrific deals here.

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Thanks all! I had never even heard of Perlick...looks nice. And glad I don;t need to give the Sub Zero further thought!

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