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jemdandySeptember 30, 2008

To all you Master Techs, after today's dramatic drop in the stock market, I predict that people will be more inclined to hang onto their vehicles longer than before. That means the average age of cars on the street will increase over the next couple of years and these will need maintence, so Master Techs, hang onto your wrenches, the public is going to need you whether they like or not.

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Hi Jem.

Our trade (industry?) has long been considered recession proof. Our biggest threat is actually people who change cars too early, and not only do we lose business potential but they actually spend a lot more money in the short run. The one thing we can't fix is the itch for a NEW car. Heck, we suffer the same as anyone else when that bug bites. The scary part is the "d" word. In a depression nobody has any money to do anything. So while we may have the tools, skills and knowledge the trick will be for the public to have the resources to allow us to use them.

Worst case, we'll just be broke right along with everyone else!

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It'll never happen. Well slim and close to none anyway.
There will always be people with money and they will spend it. The recession wouldn't even be noticed by them. If anything the prices will fall as everyone thinks no one has money. There will be plenty of incentives by the dealers and banks to get you into a new car. Mind you what
you guys down there are going through with the banks can
never happen in Canada. Own banks are controlled by the
govenment and all loans and personal accounts are insured
by the govenment. Our banks can't fold. They can be sold or
merge but they can NEVER go out of buisness. That is part
of our banking act. Every mortgage is also insured. the bank gets their money no matter what happends.

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