Suzuki xl-7

haydukeiiSeptember 17, 2005

Was looking at buying a 2001 Suzuki XL-7. What can anyone tell me about this model of vehicle? Never owned a Suzuki before except for a Suzuki 110 mini-bike for the boy.

We test drove the vehicle this afternoon and it was nice. It had decent power, was fairly roomy, and comfortable. It was in pretty good condition with 52000 miles on it. The engine did look brand new which I thought was a bit strange for a 5 yr old vehicle. Interior condition was clean with no stains, holes, or bad odors.

They are asking 12,990, which I think is too much and I won't pay that much. Maybe 11,990.

Any advice on this one?



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i owned the shorter wheel base model, dont remember now what the name was sidekick,vitara??? but it was a very well built trouble free vehicle. i enjoyed driving it, and would consider buying one again. my neighbor has had one of the 2 dr cloth topped models for many years now and had no problems with it. the 2 shorter models were also sold as chevy trackers, the longer xl-7 model wasnt rebadged as a chevy though. i think suzuki is one of g.m.s better brands, they should push it more.

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Thanks Bill H!

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