No heat - no air cond.

ruthannSeptember 18, 2010

Hi, I have an 02 Buick Lesabre that has no heat or air right now, unless I hit a pothole. Then the blower comes on.

But if I turn the ignition off the blower doesn't come back on til I hit a hole. A mechanic friend said it needs a "blower resister motor", which is around $150 at a junkyard. He was going to fix it for me but he is dragging his feet, so I am taking it to a garage next week. Do any of you agree that this is the problem? Thank you...

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I am not familiar with the newer Buicks. The older ones used a resistor assembly to control the blower motor speed. This resistor is in series with the blower motor. It is mounted in the air plenum so that the blown air passes over it and cools it. It will over heat if its air flow is blocked.

In the older Buicks with your symptoms, there would ne at least 4 possiblities:

1. Failed resistor unit.
2. Bad blower motor, possibly brushes worn down.
3. blower speed control switch.
4. blower motor relay(s) if present.

The most common failure was the resistor unit. It fails by a burned out or broken reisistor or develops a bad connection.

I don't know anything about a "blower resistor motor".

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