Intrepid Problem...

dejay_blinkAugust 28, 2006

I have a 2001 Dodge Intrepid with 200k miles. "I know, HORRIBLE MILAGE >.Anyways i was driving it one day after adding a Quart of Oil, i made it maybe 5 miles and the car started cutting out. So i pulled off of the main road i was on, as soon as i did the car died and the Oil light began flashing. I looked up from my dashbaord and saw smoke coming out, so i poped the hood and it looked as if the smoke was coming from a cylinder like drum to the right of the engine. Eventualy, after the car stopped smoking it started leaking what looked like Oil with a mix of anti-freeze. I checked my overflow tank and it was empty. So i got back in the car and see if it would start, i started up with a little hesitation and seemed to be running normal, so i just drove it on home. By the time i got to my drive way it had died again. So, i waited about 4 or 5 hours and decided to loosen up the oil plug thingy "sorry im retarded about cars!" and it seemed like some anti-freeze was mixed with my oil. The reason for my post is to see if that means i have a blown gasket somewhere or if i caught the problem early enough to take a "quick fix" approach to this situation. If someone could enlighten me, i would be forever greatful. Thanks for your time.

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You ain't fixing this yourself. Some of those vehicles have a bad rap with head gaskets and yours might be one of them. Send it out. In my book, if you call the pan plug a
" thingy " you don't have the experience. The quick fix is
a quart of BarsLeak and sell it 1/2 hour later. Good luck.
Bottom line. Nobody is fixing this over the "net" someone
has to see the car. I've seen " kids " at the gas station
fill the rad over flow tank with oil because they couldn't
find the engine oil fill. As a joke i've given " kids "
antifreeze to put into an air cooled V.W. They poured it
into the engine. Bad joke, don't do it. If you think the repairs are too much money part it out. You should get most of your money back if you hold out for the higher prices. Hope you get it sorted. Again, Good luck.

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The engine may be trash. It should not have been driven after the first failure was detected. If the bearings are still ok, it may be saved. Sounds as though coolant has leaked/poured into the crankcase. Probably a leaking intake manifold gasket, or worse, a blown head gasket. Both are repairable if the engine has not been damaged.

However, at 200,000 miles, you probably need to exchange or rebuild the engine. If the head gasket is blown and you decide to replace it, you may as well have a valve job done while the heads are off.

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