Wanna see my block snowman?

luvstocraftJanuary 30, 2011

Karen had spotted a little block snowman while browsing the net and shared a pic with me. So I decided he looked pretty simple and I should make one too. Thought you might like to see him too. Luvs

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Oh, he is a cutie ...considering he's a pile of wood! "Stacks" up real nice! Good job, luvs! CUTE! Jeanne S.

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Oh I agree Luvs...he's so cute and He ain't just wood!
I love his sweet expression and cute
top hat and scarf. I also love that you put a
'soul' into all the characters you paint.


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Oh I'm so glad you made one of these! He's adorable.
Gosh, I could even paint this (says She who can barely paint walls without wearing half of it). Its going on my Too Long to Do List for next season. I LUVS him!
Its so fun to see the things you create!

hugs, Karen

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Cute, cute. The only thing I'm painting these days is the utility room yesterday, not near as cute or as much fun.

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Luvs, your little block snowman is darling. Love the polka dot hat and the scarf tops it off. It would be easy to make a Mr and Mrs just by changing the colors on it.

I need to get busy and paint for the benefit next month and this might be one I do if you don't mind. Would you also be willing to share the sizes of your parts?

Frou, I'm sure painting the utility room isn't as fun.


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Darling! He's so cute.

I like Punk's idea of making a Mr. and Mrs. Block.

I've saved the picture so I can remember the way you did the face in case I need a snowman face in the future.

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What a darling snowman, Luvs! You do such wonderful work. I especially like that he doesn't look like a hold over Christmas dec. He's perfect for all of Winter!

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I think he needs a wife, though :~)

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Marlene Kindred

He is VERY cute! Love his polka dotted hat too!

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Punk, I'll get some measurements posted for you later today, okay? He was a great way to use up an old 2x4. You know I don't mind if you use the idea--that's exactly what I did! ;o)

You are all right--he probably does need a Mrs. I can picture her now--rounded corners for the hat brim, a red (or purple) hat maybe with some holly and berries glued on, and some red beads in place of the scarf. Oh, and cute little heart shaped lips! LOL

Jeanne, I loved your play on words! You are so funny. Let me tell you, these piles of wood do get a bit heavy--I was surprised at the weight of him!

Jane, don't you think the word for this little guys expression is "hopeful"? That's what I see when I look at his face--maybe he's hoping that he won't melt too quickly here in the California sunshine! LOL


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Great idea to add the "Mrs" or Ms. Snowwoman, punk!
Yes, a red hat (with polka dots to match) would be cute & some berries would be great, luvs! Yes, I bet Mr. Snowman is heavy! He's adorable, luvs! Jeanne S.

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If I wanted any more snowmen, it would be him! I love his dotted hat.
But as you know, we are 2 ft deep in snow and more on the way, so put some shorts and sunglasses on the Mrs.! :)

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He's very cute! The hat with white on it looks like snow flakes coming down(I have a wild imagination!) I made a paver 1 for myself before Christmas & I used multicolor fleece for hat & scarf so it would be for winter & not just xmas. Made GF 1 similar to mine & she put it in her bay window so he greets anyone coming up to her door. She says it has brought a lot of smiles to her door! Something about a snowman that gets to us! Maybe remembering "Frosty the Snowman" story & song. Hope you have another 2x4 as he does need a mate!Oh, I have 10 large daffodils blooming,our weather is confused too & supposed to almost freeze tonight so that will do them in. Jan

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Luvs, He is too darn cute. At least he won't melt! I'd love to see his wife too.

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Thought I'd quickly post these measurements before I get busy cleaning ceiling fans--my project of the day! LOL

Bottom block 6"
Middle block 5"
Face and neck blocks 4"
Top hat piece 3 1/2 wide by 3" high
Hat brim is 4"x 6" if 1/2" board

Since I just looked at a picture, I just made up my own sizes and used boards I had on hand.

I'd love to see lots of versions of this snowman--even different colored scarfs would make a difference.

Sunny, I've painted some of those blocks, but not a snowman yet. Old winter neck scarfs cut up make great scarfs for them, but so does an old colored sock--just depends on the look you want. I used some ribbon on this one just because it had Christmas colors in it.


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oh I love this little guy - just showed him to my hubby. We have tons of wood scrapes in the garage (I tell him to never throw any away - lol ). I am going to file yet another idea away for gifts for next year - TFS all the info .....


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Thanks for all the measurements, Luvs. I'm hoping to get some started this weekend if the weather warms up. DH goes out and warms up the shop most weekends so I'm sure he would do some cutting for me.

Who knows we may end up with a whole Snow Family.lol I would love to see alot of different versions and colors used on this project too.


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