Hubby's 02 Explorer is sick... :(

sharon620August 25, 2006

Hello Everyone

Recently the check engine light in hubby explorer went on then the OD off light started flashing... he also needs brakes...

What the heck is going on with this car? Is has around 63,000 miles on it. Like I said it is an O2

Any suggestions?


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IMO, 63K miles on brake pads is very good service - no one makes brakes that last forever..
He will have the CEL codes read - it could be anything - these OBD systems are very sensitive..
Again, very good service for 63K..
The OD light - no car/truck have a true overdrive(AFAIK) - its only a gear ratio..The marketers call this OD, but it is not the real thing...
The transmission uses an electronic lock up for 3 and 4th..I doubt if this is any big deal...

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If his Explorer is like mine it's true five speed transmission, and it also has a lock up convertor. There are a number of reasons that the OD light will flash, disgnostics are required.

If you insist it's just an O2 sensor, fine. there is every chance it is. Likewise, many things cause O2 series codes, that are NOT the O2 sensors! Test wisely, and repair as needed.

As far as the brakes go, 63k is excellent mileage. I wore my first set out around 49K, and now at 97K I'm just about ready for the second go around.

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Get used to that check engine light. It's a ford, it put in it's 3 years and now if you still want to use it, you're gonna have to pay. You may as well toss it now, take it to a dealership and trade it in as your down payment.

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John G, I think when she said 02 she was refering to the year not the sensor.

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now quircky thats a bit extreme lol the problem is probably something fairly minor it always surprises me when people totally overreact to a check engine light, heck the thing could just be a quart low of fluid or sumpin have the codes read and lets find out, no way to quess without more info. Brakes mileage sounds about right I have gotten a lot more but the brake pad mileage depends a lot upon the driver and the area being driven city versus highway type thing. Sharon does your head nearly hit the windshield and you get seasick when you are riding with hubby from him stomping the brake pedal real hard? lol

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Quirky said "Get used to that check engine light. It's a ford, it put in it's 3 years and now if you still want to use it, you're gonna have to pay. You may as well toss it now, take it to a dealership and trade it in as your down payment."

The advice of trade it in as a down payment, is only good for the people that make their living selling new cars. Similarly, the people who learn to fix cars, "CORRECTLY" I might add, totally disagree with that logic for very sound reasons, not just the fact that this is how we make our living.

Being a Ford does not make it any more, or less prone to requiring service, and check engine lights are simply just an extension of what a service tech has to deal with. Now from the facts that there are roughly 2000 possible faults that can trigger a check engine light on that Explorer, there could easily be more than one thing that needs addressed over the next few months, and especially the next few years. Most of the time the only thing consistent will be the lamp coming on because of the sophistication built into the system that allows it to compensate for identified problems.

The long and short of the trade it in instead of keep it and service it mentality is "TENS OF THOUSANDS" dollars more spent always driving something new VS the actual cost of keeping them fifteen to twenty years, and two to three hundred thousand miles. There is money to be made by the average consumer by spending some on long term service. All you have to do is look at the first person trading in and being upside down on the equity, and then just look at how much could have been repaired for that same amount of money, IF, and I repeat IF, the car actually needed repairs!

Yea Bob, reading it again, I see what you are saying. She could have been blaming the year of the car, an 02, instead of talking about an O2 sensor. But scrolling back, on my computer it does look like she hit the letter O, not 0 a number. So right away my thoughts would go to the oxygen sensor. Oh well it's hard to say sometimes, that's why when I am writing things anymore I put a / through my zero's otherwise I might not remember what I wrote :)...

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Hey Everyone!
Speaking of my husbands explorer I am saying it is a 2002 model yr. I am just disapointed because we just paid it off a few months ago.
We have put brakes on it before so that is nothing new and that is not the issue. The issue is that if we should get rid of it before we start putting money into it is a question... It owes us nothing! It has been a great SUV..

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It is at the age in domestic vehicles where minor stuff, an O2 (oxygen, not the year) sensor will go or something like that happen frequently. The stuff costs around $300 to fix and depending on how many miles you put on, you can mark your calendar every other month and make your service appointment early. I don't buy into the theory that there's no such thing as a car where this doesn't happen because there is. Regarding the downpayment comment, not worth it to me (IMO) to try to sell a used car in this day & age. Taking it to a place like Carmax is a JOKE. They will buy it allright. Shyeah. So basically a car like that is worth squat. Might as well use it as a downpayment because no matter what equity you think you have in the vehicle, negotiating it as a down payment pretty much gets you at least $2500 for it. Maybe $3000.
It costs more to throw it away than to fix it but you're going to be like I was, averaging $150/mo in repairs for a Mustang that I loved. It only had 73k miles on it when I threw it out. The check engine routine started at around 46k mi. The worst part is sitting in the repair shop or having to rent a car. For what you pay in repairs you should get a free loaner car at least.
I don't mean to sound bitter. I would love to own a ford if it were not for the check engine shennanigans.

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Well, hubby's explorer has been checked out by a Ford dealer and he tells us there is a crack in one part on the transmission. My husband said it is going to cost around 300.

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The issue seems to be whether or not to go buy a nice new vehicle and I absolutely vote YES on that. If you can afford it get a new one. Now obviously the cost of purchasing a new vehicle will be greater than any repairs you will perform on this PAID FOR 2002 vehicle but you got to look at it this way ITS ONLY MONEY if you got it spend it man its the American way LIVING LARGE. Sharon enjoy your new vehicle whatever it is that you choose to buy.

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