brushed nickel vs. polished chrome - which easier to keep clean

jeanteachMarch 3, 2010

I am trying to decide which finish to use for a new faucet for my husband's bathroom. The polished chrome looks very sharp and crisp, but the brushed nickel is also very pretty. My concern is that my husband tends to make a mess when he brushes his teeth and I don't know which finish will show more toothpaste, water marks, etc. I'd love some advice from people who have either. Thanks!

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In my experience, brushed nickel shows less fingerprints, water marks, toothpaste than any other finish. I replaced the chrome fixtures in my kids' bath to brushed and it looks so much better!

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I have also found that brushed nickel finish is easier to keep clean

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Here is a pic of our brushed nickel faucet handle. There are 2 faucets in the bathroom and they both look like this ALL OF THE TIME. Right now, there are 4 people using them and I constantly wipe them down. You would never know it by looking at them!

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Personally, I don't think there's really much difference. We have both and, like the poster above, I seem to notice fingerprints on the nickel more. But the difference is so small it wouldn't be one of my criteria for choosing one over the other.

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I have to wipe off my new polished chrome Toto faucet every day to avoid water spots. It has a lot of flat surfaces so avoid flat surfaces and maybe the water will run off.

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the brushed nickle i've seen in bathroom stores reminds me of stainless steel appliances...they definitely show fingerprints....i don't know about watermarks tho. i've decided to go with polished nickel, but haven't bought/installed yet.

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In my case, I found brushed nickel to be MUCH more forgiving than polished chrome. Same with my Venetian bronze faucet in the kitchen. I would be embarrassed to say how long it's been since the faucet has been cleaned. Cleaned the sink about a week ago but didn't wipe the faucets. I was in a hurry and they looked fine.

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That tile is gorgeous!

Came to this forum today specifically to see if I should choose brushed nickle or chrome for bath renovation. I'm a terrible lazy cleaner.

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Hmmm...I am very grateful for all the responses, but there is no consensus at all! The brushed nickel Toto faucet costs $120 more than the polished chrome...What to do???

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I have brushed nickel in the kitchen and (soon-to-be-replaced)chrome in the bathroom. The chrome is much harder to keep clean and shiny. It shows everything.

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Have you considered polished nickel? Best of both worlds, really.

It has the crisp look of chrome but does not show fingerprints and water marks as much.

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Toolbabe, I have a polished nickel faucet (Jado calls the color Platinum), and it shows fingerprints and water marks every bit as much as chrome does.

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Overmyhead, the ones I have are made by Riobel, and so-far-so-good do not require constant buffing to look good and presentable. The Riobel polished nickel finish is somewhat darker than most, and that might have something to do with its low maintenance.

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I think the brushed nickel is harder to keep clean. A quick swipe shines up the polished chrome but you have to really buff the polished nickel to get out the white spots/residue.

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Well, after reading this thread, it obviously depends on the manufacturer. My bathroom faucet is the only brushed nickel I have and I rarely see any spots on it. When I do, it's it's nothing that screams "look at me!" :)

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I think you're absolutely right, monicakm, it must depend on the manufacturer because, as I said before, there is no consensus. So, the faucet I am thinking about is a Toto (also getting a Toto pedestal sink and toilet). Anyone have Toto faucets in polished chrome or brushed nickel who wants to chime in? Thanks!

Here is a link that might be useful: Toto faucet

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